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011/08  July 8, 2008

     Chairman of Council on American-Islamic Relations Resigns

     The chairman of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has resigned.

     Citing concerns that included frustration over CAIR’s failure to be more “proactive and positive in its promotion of Muslim civil rights”, to be “more inclusive of younger, less-religious Muslims and encourage regular turnover of leadership ranks to ensure an infusion of new ideas”, Parvez Ahmed has left the organization he served for many years.

     A careful reading of the reasons for Ahmed leaving the organization raises several questions:

     1.  Would CAIR target a “younger, less-religious Muslims” and “encourage regular turnover of leadership” to cover its terrorist origins?

     2.  Ahmed’s statement, “I also wanted to send a message that a change in leadership is needed at the highest level, that we need some new blood at the board and executive levels” would seem to indicate some kind of factionalism may be developing in the highest levels of CAIR.  If so, what does this portend for the future of CAIR?

     Or, is it just possible, that the top leadership of CAIR was in opposition of Ahmed’s plans for “new blood” because they feared for their jobs?  Where else would people who back Islamist terror, support Islamic terrorist groups and individual terrorists find a job?

     Was the rift religious in nature? 

     Ahmed says he was targeting “less-religious Muslims”; would these “less-religious Muslims” fit into the current board’s idea of what it is to be a “true” Muslim in North America today? 

     Let’s not forget that CAIR is largely funded by terrorist supporters and terrorist-sponsoring countries…are these ultra-radical Islamic funders of CAIR willing to support a group that isn’t in line with radical Islam?

     The article closes with the following Ahmed quote: “The values of Islam and the values of America are complimentary."  If this comment by Ahmed is what he truly believes, it is no wonder he and CAIR parted ways. 

    Ahmed can do much to reform CAIR by telling the truth about CAIR’s terrorist origins, the truth about CAIR’s active support of Islamic terrorists and the terror-money sources of CAIR’s finances.

     Until then, Ahmed’s pronouncements ring hollow ...

Andrew Whitehead

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