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012/07  May 5, 2007

  CAIR's Big Lie
     On May 2, Ahmed Rehab, Executive Director of the Chicago Office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), North America's largest Islamist terrorist supporting group, had an article published titled Freedom is not spelled “Feardom” in the on-line edition of the Middle East Times.

     In the article, Rehab writes:
“Since 9/11, anti-Muslim hysteria has evolved from a collective knee-jerk reaction to a premeditated and coordinated cottage industry, patronized by an agenda-driven elite seeking political - sometimes financial - gain. In the resulting hostile climate, "suspicion" of Muslims - as opposed to evidence of our wrongdoing - is apparently cause enough to demand that we be stripped of our right to speak freely on our nation's beacon of democracy and pluralism, Capitol Hill.”
     Rehab, as usual, completely misstates the case for American Muslims by implying that a “hostile environment” is preventing American Muslims from having their voices heard in the nation’s capitol.
     Rehab does not offer even one single instance where CAIR’s voice was actually shut down on Capitol Hill. 

     So much for “suspicion” of Muslims?

     Rehab is upset that Republicans were pressing House Speaker Pelosi to not allow CAIR to host an educational panel on The Hill dealing with a public opinion poll conducted by the British Broadcasting Corporation.  Rehab conveniently forgets the fact that several prominent Democrats including Senators Durbin, Boxer and Schumer have faced great criticisms for standing up to CAIR’s nefarious agenda.
     The anti-CAIR movement in the congress is largely a bipartisan effort as a result of CAIR’s active support for America’s enemies in the battle against Islamist terror.  CAIR is trying to drive a wedge between liberals and conservatives and is finding that members of the congress are on to the con and are beginning to distance themselves from CAIR’s hateful messages.
     The reason reasonable congressional representatives were opposed to CAIR's “educational panel” taking place on government property is not because of the topic, but who was hosting it: CAIR.  A significant minority of the congress has, rightfully, recognized CAIR’s role in Islamic terrorism and they are concerned enough to want to ensure that CAIR’s odious presence is not welcome in the “People’s House”.

     Just as the country would not invite David Duke to lecture us about “Jewish rights”, why should we allow CAIR to lecture us on “Muslim rights”?  CAIR is not a Muslim civil rights group; CAIR is an Islamist protection group; to pretend otherwise is an insult to the majority of peaceful North American Muslims who are not members of CAIR and whom do not subscribe to CAIR representing their interests. 
     Radical Islam has not earned the right to lecture free people anywhere, anytime, on any subject.  As supporters of radical Islam, CAIR has no right to lecture anyone about the rights of peaceful Muslims whom CAIR does not represent…and never will.
     Rehab asks, “… just what is an “apologist for terror?” 

    The answer is simple: any person, or group that rises up to defend Islamist terrorists, terrorist groups,
or provides aid and comfort to those who advance radical Islam by force or terror is an “apologist for terror”.

    CAIR not only meets this definition…they are living it, every single day ...

Andrew Whitehead

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