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Press Release 013/03

June 14, 2003

CAIR’s Board Chairman. Mr. Omar Ahmad, Denied Retraction
(Follow up to ACAIR Press Release Nr. 009/03 dtd May 08, 2003)  

8 Year Old Victim of a “Hate Crime”?

Israeli Army Order: “Wipe out” Hamas


CAIR’s Board Chairman, Mr. Omar Ahmad, Denied Retraction

     On May 8th, 2003, ACAIR's press release, nr. 009, highlighted comments stated by Mr. Omar M. Ahmad. 
feels that Omar Ahmad's comments are indicative of the true intentions of CAIR- to turn the United States into a fundamentalist Islamist theocracy.  

     On 14 June, 2003, The Tri-Valley Herald posted an article to its web site standing by the original article by reporter Ms. Lisa Gardiner wherein she quoted the following statement by Mr. Ahmad:

     “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant.  The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.”

     According to Fremont Editor Mr. Steve Waterhouse, ANG Newspapers stands by the story.  He goes on to say that Gardiner “did excellent work for us when she was a reporter in the late 1990’s”.  In addition, Ms. Gardiner stands by her story.  She also notes her relations with the Fremont Muslim community were extremely positive during her time with ANG Newspapers.

     It should be noted that Mr. Ahmad did not contact ANG Newspapers to dispute the quote until it was reprinted in an article on in early May.  (The quote was made on July 04, 1998, nearly five years ago).    

     Once again, Mr. Ahmad is caught telling the truth about CAIR and he doesn’t enjoy being exposed.  His attempt to seek a retraction was cut short, and we at ACAIR look forward to Mr. Ahmad accusing the Tri-Valley Herald of “Islamophobia” -  the standard CAIR response to reporting about topics that they dislike.

    ACAIR applauds the Tri-Valley Herald for supporting its reporter and not retracting the truth in an article which clearly demonstrates, once again, the religious bigotry and hatred for American values held by the CAIR leadership.  We encourage other newspapers in America to take up the standard set by the Tri-Valley Herald and report the truth about CAIR.

8 Year Old Victim of “Hate Crime”?

     On Jun 09, 2003, posted an article entitled “8-year old victim of a hate crime, prosecutor says”

     In brief, the article mentions that 8-year-old Ahmed Hadi was beaten by a group of three teenagers, two white 13-year-olds and a 12-year-old African American.  The attackers allegedly yelled taunts such as, “You Saddam Hussein Helper”, “Go back to Iraq” and “You Iraqi”.  

     The column goes on to say, “Organizations such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations say such attacks should not be overlooked, especially after the national rise in reports of ethnic intimidation against Muslims that began after the Sept. 11 attacks and spiked just before the war in Iraq”.

      In addition, The Muslim News quoted CAIR’s Executive Director, Mr. Nihad Awad as saying, “A disturbing pattern seems to be developing in which ordinary American Muslims, Arab-Americans and those perceived to be Middle Eastern, are subject to attack merely because of their religion, ethnicity or distinctive attire.  Law enforcement authorities at both the local and national levels can help discourage these types of assaults by treating them with the seriousness they deserve”.   

   NOTE: While ACAIR will never defend senseless physical attacks of this nature, we question whether the phrases previously cited constitute a “hate crime”.  If so, we sadly foresee vast numbers of juveniles spending time in the American justice system at some point in their lives.  We of ACAIR are still waiting for CAIR to take a leadership position in the civil rights community by condemning all religious bigotry and hatred, not just bigotry and hatred directed against Muslims.

Israeli Army Order: “Wipe out” Hamas

     According to recent reports, the Israeli Army has been tasked with the destruction of the Hamas terrorist group.  Israeli Army radio has announced that the Israeli army has been ordered to “completely wipe out” the terrorists, “from the lowliest member to Sheik Ahmad Yassin”.

     ACAIR notes that Israeli forces have assassinated several senior members of Hamas in the past few days in response to terror attacks against Israeli civilians.  While we condemn all religious violence, we recognize the right and obligation of the Israeli government to protect their citizens from unprovoked terrorist attacks.

We call upon the Palestinian Authority to exercise its mandate to represent the Palestinian people and do those things necessary to halt the terror-murders being committed by Hamas and other Islamist groups. The Palestinian Authority's failure to do this has directly contributed to the death of many Palestinian innocents caught in the middle of brutal Israeli military strikes against the Hamas terror-leadership.

ACAIR reminds our readers that CAIR was started by Hamas members and is supported by terrorist supporting individuals, groups and countries.


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