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013/06  April 11, 2006

     CAIR:  No Christian Proselytizing?

     On March 9, carried an article titled “Blending in and spreading the Word” about Christian missionary work in Islamic countries.  The article detailed how some Christian groups are using Latin-Americans in an effort to spread the gospel in parts of the world that may be unwelcome toward faiths other than Islam.

     The article indicates that the missionaries do not use coercion in an effort to proselytize, but you wouldn’t know it from the comments of CAIR spokesman, Ibrahim Hooper.  Hooper laments that some missionaries grow beards, women wear head coverings, Bibles placed on wooden stands “like Korans”, and churches built to resemble mosques as examples of the missionaries attempting to “appear as Muslim as possible to kind of blur the lines”.

     Obviously, CAIR has, once again, failed to understand Christians.  For instance, beards for men, head coverings for women, and Bibles placed on wooden stands are all hallmarks of any number of Christian groups.  The Amish come immediately to mind, and there are several other Christian groups that practice all that Hooper seems to be claiming as the sole practice of the Muslim faith. 

     As to the question of designing a Church to resemble a Mosque, how better to respect local culture than to adopt its building style?  Hooper should be praising the sensitivity of the Evangelicals, not questioning them.

     The article also notes: “U.S. missionaries have faced persecution and death at times for their work in Muslim countries where religious freedom isn't protected across the board”.

     But CAIR had nothing to say about this. 

     That CAIR has not, and will not, address this issue speaks poorly for CAIR…and their messages of hate and intolerance...

Andrew Whitehead

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