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013/08  September 24, 2008

     CAIR:  “Dangerous Islamic Organization”?

     On 23 September, the executive director, Hussam Ayloush and the staff attorney, Ameena Qazi, of the Council on American-Islamic Relations Greater Los Angeles Area Chapter (CAIR-LA), wrote an unsigned letter to Dr. Stephen Choi of the Irvine, California City Council.  (Edited copy of letter below)

     In the letter, Dr. Choi, an incumbent for office, was accused of referring to CAIR as a “dangerous Islamic organization”.

     From the letter:

“It has come to our attention that on Friday, September 18, 2008 at the Irvine City Chamber
of Commerce Meet the Candidates forum, you made an on-the-record statement describing
the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) as a “dangerous Islamic organization.” 
Please be aware that such an epithet is not only insulting and false, but is also tantamount
to public defamation.”

     “Public defamation” is a strong accusation; under civil laws it is actionable.

     However, the law provides for a defense against an accusation of “public defamation”; the truth.

     The truth is an absolute defense against an accusation of “public defamation” and CAIR knows this to be fact as demonstrated when CAIR chose not to defend their “honor” in the lawsuit they filed against Anti-CAIR founder Andrew Whitehead for essentially the same accusation.

     Is CAIR a “dangerous Islamic organization”?

     Consider the following facts regarding CAIR:

     -          CAIR was founded by Islamic terrorists.
     -          CAIR has proven links to terrorists and terrorist-supporting groups and nations.
     -          CAIR seeks to overthrow Constitutional government and replace it with an Islamist theocracy.

     These facts are irrefutable; when CAIR sued Andrew Whitehead for making these accusations (and others), CAIR eventually asked the court to dismiss the accusations rather than submit the case to a jury.

     Adding further insult in their letter to Dr. Choi, CAIR closed with:

“We therefore request that you take the following measures in a timely and effective manner:

1)  Issue a written statement apologizing for the defamatory remark;

2)  Meet with CAIR representatives to discuss our work and how we can
work together to dispel myths associated with the Muslim community.

We sincerely hope that you oblige our above requests and in the future refrain from language
that is unfounded and offensive.”

     CAIR’s call for a public apology, considering CAIR’s proven history, is an insult to every American who knows the truth about CAIR and CAIR’s associations with Islamic terrorism.

     CAIR’s call for a meeting with Dr. Choi is curious; given CAIR’s close association with Islamic terrorists, why would Dr. Choi want to sully his reputation by meeting with an organization that defends terrorists?

     Keep mind that CAIR has fewer than 2000 dues-paying members and that CAIR represents less than one-tenth of one-per cent of American Muslims and one readily concludes that CAIR not only does not represent Islam in America, but that the great majority of Muslims in America have turned their backs on CAIR.

     What does it say about CAIR when the great majority of American Muslims do not support them?

     There is no evidence that Dr. Choi has ever made any reference to any religion or ethnic community; including the Muslim faith/community.

     Dr. Choi’s only “offense” was to mention that a candidate for public office is an associate of CAIR and that CAIR is known to be dangerous.  Dr. Choi was castigated for telling the truth; nothing more, nothing less.

     During the forum previously mentioned, Dr. Choi was verbally attacked by six people as being “anti-Muslim” or “anti-certain religion”; however; the facts show that Dr. Choi has previously appointed persons from the Middle East to city commissions. When queried if the persons he appointed from the Middle East were Muslim or not, his answer was that he didn’t know as he didn’t ask them. There is no evidence that Dr. Choi is anti-Muslim.

     CAIR has asked Dr. Choi for an apology and a meeting. Why would Dr. Choi apologize for telling the truth about CAIR, and why would he, as a public official, want to meet with a group that was not only founded by terrorists, but that represents radical Islam in North America?

     If there is any apologizing to do, it is CAIR who should be apologizing to Dr. Choi ...

Andrew Whitehead

CAIR's Letter To Councilman Choi (edited copy)


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