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014/07  June 27, 2007

     CAIR & America’s Political Class; Collusion or Confusion?
     The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) recently posted to its web site several articles trumpeting recent events and the list of distinguished attendees.

     June 17, 2007: Ohio Governor Ted Strickland attended a CAIR event in Columbus honoring CAIR-Ohio’s “work”.

     Governor Strickland addressed the same CAIR-Ohio that defended the “charity” organization KindHearts when it was closed down for investigation by the U.S. Treasury Department in 2006. According to tax filings, KindHearts did fundraising through the notorious Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP). 
The IAP was found civilly liable for the terror-murder of an American citizen by Hamas.  Hamas is yet another Islamist terrorist group that enjoys the support of CAIR

     (Is it a coincidence that the Islamic Association for Palestine is also the parent organization of CAIR?)

     How is it that a sitting governor of a state that forms part of a union currently fighting a war against Islamist terrorism can sit down with the very self-same group that supports America’s enemies with impunity?  
     How many sons and daughters of Ohio have given their lives and limbs in the battle against Islamist terror?  
     Is Governor Strickland guilty of collusion or confusion?

     June 16, 2007: CAIR-Minnesota held an event attended by members of the FBI, ACLU, Rep. Keith Ellison, and president of the American Council of the Blind for Minnesota.

     CAIR-MN Communications Director Valerie Shirley:

"We thank the Minnesota community for its tremendous support  in our first months
of operation and hope to work with people of all faiths on future
initiatives of benefit to our state and nation"

     While making deceptive commentary designed to portray CAIR as something it is not, let’s not forget that this is same CAIR that defends the outrageous behaviour of the “Flying Imams”.

     How many sons and daughters of Minnesota have given their lives and limbs in the battle against Islamist terror?
     Is Representative Keith Ellison guilty of collusion or confusion?

     June 16, 2007: CAIR-New Jersey holds a meeting with “Security Officials” from the FBI, DHS, and State Police.

     While many politically oriented law enforcement officials meet with CAIR in the spirit of “Muslim outreach”, it should be noted that in the case of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), CAIR’s constant promotion of a “relationship” with DHS is wearing thin.

     According to an article in the Washington Times:

"The department does not have a formalized relationship with that particular organization …
we do have formalized relations with other community groups with whom we do contracts
for training and consultation on matters that are specific to a given community …
It is not uncommon for that particular organization to issue a press release
attempting to overstate their interaction with the department.”

     A check reveals that since 2000, CAIR has not been awarded a grant or government contract.

     From an MSNBC article we learn:  
“One senior law-enforcement official, who asked not to be identified talking
about a sensitive matter, agrees that there is a “split in FBI culture” over
the bureau’s relationships with CAIR and says that some agents
"hold their nose" when it comes to dealing with the group.”

     So much for the “special relationship”? (Just who is CAIR trying to impress, their North American members or their Saudi leash holders?)

     Is there a pattern here? 

     Given CAIR’s proven connections to Islamist terrorism and Islamist terrorist groups, and CAIR’s recent inclusion on a list of "prominent" U.S. Islamic groups as an “unindicted co-conspirator” in a plot to fund the notorious Islamist terrorist group Hamas; can North Americans be forgiven if they are asking themselves why our so-called “leaders” are pandering to CAIR?

     Why do many of our so-called “leaders” give a pass to CAIR? 

     Why is the mainstream press so reluctant to give CAIR the sort of investigative attention they give to Paris Hilton’s underwear hue? 

     Why the disconnect between field agents of the FBI and the FBI’s leadership?

     Broken Moral Compass?

     The simple fact is that many North Americans in leadership roles seem to have lost their sense of what is just; what is right.  Many of our “leaders” have developed a moral compass that has swung so far askew that it can’t point to the truth even when they want it to; their needle is clearly broken.
     Twenty years ago, would we have tolerated the presence of any invited members of law enforcement at KKK rallies or accepted a Representative of the People attending a rally for the NAZI party as an honored guest speaker?

     Where is our sense of outrage? 

     Why are many of our political class willing to pander to CAIR? When not making mealy-mouthed statements calling for “understanding” and “tolerance”, they are busy gadding about in search of approval from the same groups that support the killing and maiming of America’s brave warriors who are currently fighting - and dying - to defend our country from the very people they are telling us we must be “tolerant” of !

     The time for “understanding” evil is long past. 

     The time for “tolerance” in the face of unrestrained Islamist terror is over.

     The time for action is now. Calls for “tolerance” should be answered with a resounding “NO!” when it comes to radical Islam and those persons and groups, like CAIR, that clearly support an evil ideology.

     There was a time in American communities that those who committed evil were shunned.  People would not speak of them, or to them.  In short, they were ‘non-persons’ as far as the civilized community was concerned.  The person shunned usually had the good sense to move away.

     We recommend CAIR make a move to Gaza.  No doubt CAIR’s leadership would be among their own and CAIR’s constant carping about everything Islamic would fall on sympathetic ears.

     By our silence to the activities of CAIR and other Islamist terrorist supporting groups, are we complicit in their activities?  Do any of us share a little of the blame for CAIR’s existence because we refuse to do anything about it?  Do we enable CAIR and other Islamist groups when we continue to re-elect representatives who shake hands and break bread with America’s enemies?

     How many of our leaders have forgotten the precious legacy handed down by the founders?  How willingly they trade crass adulation for personal responsibility as they forget they represent America, not Hamas.

     Where is America’s champion ... ?

Andrew Whitehead

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