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Anti-CAIR Press Release 015/03 (updated)

July 11, 2003  -  CAIR Sponsors Terrorist Suspect / Link to Al Qaeda Islamic Terrorist Group  


CAIR Sponsors Terrorist Suspect / Link to Al Qaeda Islamist Terror Group

     While detail checking the federal indictment of eleven Islamist terrorism suspects, ACAIR researchers have found a link between *Mr. Randall Royer and Al Qaeda.  On page 15 of the indictment, it is charged that “On or about April 4, 2001, at the residence of IBRAHAM AHMED AL-HAMDI in Alexandria, Virginia, a visitor representing the Benevolence International Foundation (BIF) discussed a Mujahideen camp in Bosnia with Nabil T. Garbieh and other conspirators.”  The indictment continues: “On or about April 4, 2001, at the residence of IBRAHAM AHMED AL-HAMDI in Alexandria, Virginia, Nabil T. Garbieh and other conspirators watched videos depicting Mujahideen engaged in Jihad.”  In plain language, the government is alleging that the BIF, an Islamist terrorist supporting organization, held an organized meeting with the conspirators for the purpose of watching videos of Islamist terrorists in action.

      On April 30, 2002, the FBI arrested Mr. Enaam Arnaout of the BIF and charged him with lying about the ties between himself, BIF, and international terrorism.  In Bosnia, troops recovered correspondence between Mr. Arnaout and Mr. Bin Laden indicating a relationship between the two that goes back to the 1980’s.  This would indicate a connection between the BIF and Al Qaeda, considering that both Mr. Arnaout and Mr. Bin Laden are the heads of their respective Islamist terror groups. Note: Mr. Arnaout has since pleaded guilty to defrauding donors to BIF and using the funds to purchase uniforms and boots for Islamist terrorists in Chechnya as well as purchasing uniforms for Islamist Bosnian troops.  The sentencing of Mr. Arnaout had been scheduled for Monday, 7 July, but questions regarding his ties to terrorism must be settled first.

     ACAIR firmly believes that the conspirators’ alleged meeting with a BIF representative; the proven ties between BIF and Al Qaeda, Mr. Randall "Ismail" Royers' connection to the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), all point to the inescapable conclusion that CAIR, at least, colludes and operates with terrorists- and at most, actively supports Islamist terrorism.  ACAIR awaits the conclusion of the conspirators trial, and if the connection is proven, we will look forward to the closing of the CAIR organization in the United States.  

     How many of the top leadership of CAIR must be indicted on terrorism charges before the federal government begins to take a close look at the activities of CAIR?  ACAIR reminds our readers that Mr. Bassem Khafagi, CAIR’s director of community relations was arrested in January, 2003 and Mr. Siraj Wahhaj, CAIR Advisory Board member was named as “one of the unindicted persons who may be alleged as co-conspirator” in the plot to blow up monuments in New York City several years ago.  In addition, Mr. Ishan Elashyi (aka “Elashi”) has been arrested for continuing illegal sales of computer equipment to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan.  He had previously been arrested for illegally shipping computer equipment to Libya and Syria, both well-known Islamist terror supporting nations. Why is Mr. Elashyi significant?  His brother and fellow Infocom officer, Ghassan, is a principle founder of CAIR-Texas.  In addition, brothers Bayan, Basman, and Hazim are also involved with Infocom- the web hosting company that is being investigated for hosting Islamist terrorism related web sites.  

     It has become apparent that America is under assault from CAIR and it is time that we, the American people, demand a strong response from our government.  It is long past time for an active investigation of CAIR, its leadership, and principal members and their ties to Islamist terror. 

believes that both federal and state investigative authorities are reluctant to seriously investigate CAIR due to their well-known tactic of labeling anyone who questions them, or Islamist terror, as “Islamophobic”.  Once and for all, the question must be asked of CAIR: “Are you with us in the fight against Islamist terror, or are you on the side of the terrorists?”  This is not an unfair question and it is long past time that CAIR backed up its so-called "pro-America" rhetoric with cold-hard facts, not terrorist propaganda designed to denigrate any non-Muslim group or individual.  

     Finally, ACAIR questions if a Christian or Jewish group was thought to be supporting terrorism, would the response of our government be the same?  We ask the government to use the same investigative thoroughness that they would use against a Church or Synagogue suspected of supporting terrorists…nothing more, nothing less.  

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