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Anti-CAIR Press Release 016/03

July 21, 2003

      CAIR’s 2002 “Muslim Civil Rights in the United States” Report

      CAIR Related Terrorism Suspect Held; Bail Denied

       Daniel Pipes, Extremist?

      When is Enough, Enough?

    CAIR’s 2002 “Muslim Civil Rights in the United States” Report

      The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), has issued its annual “Muslim Civil Rights in the United States Report”.  Bluntly, the report is the usual hash of half-lies and outright fabrications designed to make it appear as though Muslims are physically and mentally attacked the moment they step outside their homes.  In addition, the report contains some curious comments regarding terrorism.  Consider the following paragraph:

“Three Muslim charities have been effectively shut down since December 2001 and are now
engaged in a legal battle against the federal government. On December 4, 2001, the government
designated the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) a terrorist organization
and seized its assets. The government accused HLF of supporting Hamas, a group listed as a
terrorist organization by the U.S. Department of State. HLF has insisted that its social and health
services have been extended to assist Palestinian orphans, widows and poor persons irrespective
of political views. The group stated it did not condone terrorism and that it has never offered any
financial support to any party outside its humanitarian mission.”

      The government has laid out an excellent case linking the Holy Land Foundation to Hamas. Instead of asking the HLF to explain itself, CAIR immediately rises to the defense of the HLF and never once raises the question, “What if President Bush is right?”  Think about it, the President of the United States issues an executive order directing law enforcement to close down terrorist groups and their supporters and immediately CAIR starts screaming, “civil rights” when a Hamas linked group is shut down!  Why this behavior on the part of “Americas premier Islamic civil rights group?”  

 CAIR continues:

     “In addition, Global Relief Foundation (GRF) and Benevolence International Foundation (BIF)
were hit with financial sanctions by the Treasury Department without the government having
specified any suspicions about the conduct and financial ties of the two groups. No criminal
charges have been filed against any of the three charities. These closures have had a wide impact;
roughly 50,000 donors were affected by the closures. These foundations had established a track
record of effective relief work. They carried out several development projects in high-need areas
and served refugees and victims of natural disasters. Donors view such organizations as essential
to the ability of Muslims to practice the religious duty of zakat (alms giving), a pillar of their faith.
Many Muslims believe shutting religious charities because of suspicion that some of its associates
or recipients have extreme political views is a form of profiling that is discriminatory by nature.”

      CAIR also defends the Global Relief Foundation?  The United Nations Security Council Sanctions Committee has directed all member nations close down the GRF and CAIR says the government doesn’t have a case?  CAIR goes on to lament that 50,000 donors to the GRF have been affected.

      How? Muslims world wide can no longer donate money to the GRF and CAIR says they’ve been affected as they can no longer carry out their “religious duty of zakat (alms giving), a pillar of their faith.”  This statement would lead an uniformed reader to believe that the GRF is the sole Islamic relief organization available to accept zakat. The reality? Muslims are free to donate at their places of worship and any number of Islamic centers.

     One statement is particularly demonstrative of the mind-set that pervades CAIR:

      “Qualitatively, it has been much more violent-perhaps reflecting the fact that the suspected
terrorists of September 11, unlike those of April 19, were Muslim.”

      Every member of the attack group on September 11th, 2001 has been positively identified, their backgrounds and proof against them presented to the entire world and CAIR calls them “suspected terrorists?”  It makes us wonder if at CAIR board meetings the terrorists of 9-11 are referred to as “freedom fighters?”  

CAIR then goes on to provide several examples of bias against Muslims:

     “12/16/2001    Rabih Haddad, board member of Global Relief Foundation, a Muslim charity
being investigated by the government, is held and threatened with deportation for overstaying his visa. In the early days of his detention he was treated like a criminal and held in solitary confinement. The man has no criminal record and no charges were ever filed against him.”

      A person overstays their visa, a criminal act, and CAIR complains that he “was treated like a criminal?”  What did they expect him to be treated as?  
     “1/8/2001     A family who is moving to New York from Florida is facing problems with finding a place to stay because most of the of the places declined their rental application. The complainant believes the reason may be related to their religion.”

      CAIR says it “may” be related to their religion?  Where is CAIR’s renowned sense of fairness?  Why did CAIR choose to include this ridiculous claim of bias in their report?

CAIR goes on with more chilling claims of bias:

      “10/28/2001    A man of Middle Eastern descent reported his car's rear glass window broken by an unknown person.”

      An “unknown person” breaks the window of a Muslims’ car and it rises to the level of a bias crime? Now CAIR has the capability to read the mind of an “unknown person?” CAIR can just look at a broken  window and deduce it was broken due to the religious beliefs of the car owner?  

CAIR provides another curious claim of bias:

     “12/28/2001    The rear glass of a Muslim man's car was shattered while parked in his driveway.  He believes the incident is bias-motivated, although he said he does not know of any neighbor with anti-Muslim sentiment.”

     How can CAIR possibly defend this as an example of another bias crime against Muslims?

     CAIR then relates the problems faced by Muslim inmates in the prison system:    

     “3/22/2001    An administrator reportedly discriminated against Muslim inmates. Many  times they would order materials and the prison would receive it but the administrator would not let them get it."

      CAIR provides zero examples of what the inmates were ordering.  Was it pizza?  Perhaps some wood working tools?  Is CAIR aware that in American prisons, inmates are strictly limited on what items they can order for delivery?  Prisons, by necessity, must strictly control all items coming into the facility
for safety/security reasons?

    And finally, one of our favorite examples of anti-Muslim bias:

     “4/28/2001    A Muslim couple were not allowed to visit a relative because one of them refused to remove her hijab.”

      Does this mean that CAIR advocates local authorities using their police powers to force homeowners to grant admittance to unwelcome relatives?  ACAIR feels that homeowners may refuse entry to their homes to  anyone at anytime without having to fear the police.  Does CAIR really want the government to force homeowners to accept unwelcome visitors in their homes?  


    CAIR Related Terrorism Suspect Royer Held; Bail Denied

      As reported by the  Daily Press U.S. District Judge Leonie M. Brinkema has denied bail to alleged terrorist Mr. Randall T. "Ismail" Royer on the grounds that his possession of an AK-47 style rifle and more than 200 rounds of ammunition was “problematic”  She stated, regarding the AK-47 style rifle that, “It is not consistent with mere target practice.”

      This new ruling is significant considering that a U.S. magistrate judge had ordered his release last week without bail.  Assistant U.S. Attorney Mr. Gordon Kromberg emphasized Mr. Royer’s alleged role in a conspiracy to lend aid to terrorist groups fighting India in the Kashmir region.  

      We congratulate the prosecution team in its efforts to keep Mr. Royer behind bars where his presence can be guaranteed for trial.  The seriousness of the charges (detailed in ACAIR press release nr. 15, dated July 11th, 2003) against Mr. Royer, and his proven connection to the terrorist supporting CAIR group, warrant that the people of the United States be protected until such time he is tried.

     Daniel Pipes, Extremist?

      Once again, the Council on American Islamic Relations, (CAIR), an Islamist terror supporting group, has attacked the nomination of Mr. Daniel Pipes to the United States Institute of Peace (USIP).  CAIR issued an “action alert” on July 17th, accusing Mr. Pipes of being an “Islamophobe”.  CAIR listed approximately 20 reasons why Mr. Pipes should not be nominated to the board.

      The Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee will meet on Wednesday, July 23rd to discuss the nomination of Mr. Pipes to the USIP.  

      ACAIR has watched CAIR’s attempts to smear Mr. Pipes over the past few months. We put the following questions to CAIR:

1.  How many times has Mr. Pipes advocated/apologized for terrorism?  

2.  How many times has the top leadership of CAIR called for Islamist terrorist acts or apologized for them?  

       ACAIR feels the answers to these two questions, along with Mr. Pipes extensive resume on the subject of the Middle East, will put to rest any concerns Americans may have that he will be both fair and objective while a member of the USIP.  It is long past time that the vacancy is filled so that the USIP can get on with its important work promoting peace.  

CAIR feels that the strongest recommendation for the approval of Mr. Pipes nomination is the fact that CAIR is opposed to it.  

      The Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee will meet on Wednesday, July 23rd to discuss the nomination of Mr. Pipes to the USIP.  For those concerned, we suggest the following:  (Please, be FIRM and POLITE!) 

1) Contact the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee chairman to request that Daniel Pipes nomination be approved. Contact: Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH), Chairman, Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, 428 Dirksen Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510-6300
TEL: (202) 224-5375, Majority Staff: (202) 224-6770, Minority Staff: (202) 224-0767 FAX: (202) 228-5044 E-MAIL: (Attn: Stephanie Monroe)

2) Contact the committee member who represents your state to ask that Pipes' nomination be approved. 
Go To:  Send copies of correspondence to the other members of the committee.

3) Contact other elected officials in your state to ask that they support the Pipes nomination.
Go to:

4) Announce/forward this press release to anyone you feel may be interested in having an unbiased, honest broker on the USIP board.


Ranking Member:

Edward Kennedy (MA)
202-224-4543 Phone
202-224-2417 Fax


Bill Frist (TN)
202-224-3344 Phone
202-228-1264 Fax

Mike Enzi (WY)
202-224-3424 Phone
202-228-0359 Fax

Lamar Alexander (TN)
202-224-4944 Phone
202-228-3398 Fax

Christopher Bond (MO)
202-224-5721 Phone
202-224-8149 Fax

Mike DeWine (OH)
202-224-2315 Phone
202-224-6519 Fax 

Pat Roberts (KS)
202-224-4774 Phone
202-224-3514 Fax

Jeff Sessions (AL)
202-224-4124 Phone
202-224-3149 Fax

John Ensign (NV)
202-224-6244 Phone
202-228-2193 Fax

Lindsey Graham (SC)
202-224-5972 Phone
202-224-1189 Fax

John Warner (VA)
202-224-2023 Phone
202-224-6295 Fax


Christopher Dodd (CT)
202-224-2823 Phone
202-224-1083 Fax

Tom Harkin (IA)
202-224-3254 Phone
202-224-9369 Fax

Barbara Mikulski (MD)
202-224-4654 Phone
202-224-8858 Fax

Patty Murray (WA)
202-224-2621 Phone
202-224-0238 Fax

Jeff Bingaman (NM)
202-224-5521 Phone
202-224-2852 Fax

Jack Reed (RI)
202-224-4642 Phone
202-224-4680 Fax

John Edwards (NC)
202-224-3154 Phone
202-228-1374 Fax

Hillary Clinton (NY)
202-224-4451 Phone
202-228-0282 Fax

James Jeffords (VT)
202-224-5141 Phone
202-228-0776 Fax

Contact Information for the committee:

428 Dirksen Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510-6300

(202) 224-5375 - voice

(202) 228-5044 - Fax

Majority Staff #: (202) 224-6770

Minority Staff #: (202) 224-0767


     When is Enough, Enough?

      For the past nine years or so, we Americans have been playing host to the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).  We have seen CAIR attack our government, defend terrorists and their front groups; refuse to condemn Islamist terrorist acts and deride anyone who dares disagree with them as an “Islamophobe.”

      We’ve sat idly by while Mr. Ibrahim Hooper, communications director for CAIR has made ridiculous statements regarding 9-11 such as, “If Osama bin Laden was behind it, we condemn him by name.”  “If?”  Mr. bin Laden was heard and seen on video tape taking credit for the planning of the attacks and Mr. Hooper equivocates on assigning blame?  Where is your sense of shame, Mr. Hooper?  Where is your sense of basic respect for the dead of 9-11 that you can defend the terrorist sponsor?  Mr. Hooper is an excellent example of the Ameriphobic attitude of CAIR.

      For these many years, CAIR has put out “action alerts” and press releases that do nothing to celebrate the melting pot that America has proven to be.  Instead, CAIR constantly reminds us that Americans are racist, biased against Muslims, and a Christian/Zionist country dedicated to ridding the planet of all Muslims and taking over their lands.     

      The United States has provided a good home for Muslims from all countries, in all fields of work, without hesitation.  How many Muslims have come here, grateful to be free of the oppressive Islamic governments they have managed to flee?  Despite this, all we hear from CAIR is how evil the United States is, how we have rogue FBI agents just salivating at the prospect of being able to lock up an innocent Muslim simply for overstaying their visa.

      CAIR is waiting for the day the United States becomes an Islamic Republic.  They ignore the fact that 99.9% of Americans (Muslims included) want nothing to do with their particular, hateful brand of Wahhabi Islam. While CAIR extols the virtue of Wahhabi Islam, we ask ourselves:

If Wahhabi Islam has such universal appeal, how is it we never hear of anyone ever escaping the United States to live in the Islamic paradise of Saudi Arabia? 

Why do we never hear of the smuggling of emigrants from the United States to the wonderful Islamic Republic of Iran?

Why don’t non-Wahhabi American Muslims call for imposition of Sharia law? 

Why do muslims come to the United States if Americans are so mean and hateful toward Muslims? 

What do peaceful Muslims know about America that CAIR does not?  

      During the two world wars that America fought in the 20th century, we faced a whole host of determined enemies and united beneath our great flag to defeat them.  We closed down their embassies and front groups in our country and refused to listen to their propagandists, let alone lend them comfort.  Today, we face a new enemy.  An enemy that knows our Constitution very well.  An enemy that is clearly financed by our enemies in the Middle East, an enemy determined to destroy us from within, a cancer on the very backbone of our country. This enemy apologizes for those that attack and murder us; apologizes for the Islamist cowards who slam missiles into our landmarks; apologizes for the likes of Hamas and Hezbollah.  

      At what point do we understand that we are involved in another world war, where our attacker claims the mandate of their god is to destroy us? What kind of religion is it that compels young men and women to destroy themselves in the name of their god? 

What kind of religion is so evil, so malign, so mean, as to order its followers to destroy themselves in his name?  This is not the God of the Muslim faith, it is the god of Wahhabi Islam; it is the god of CAIR.

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