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April 14, 2004       - CAIR Defends Man Testing Security Procedures


CAIR Defends Man Testing Security Procedures


    On April 12, 2004, the Star-Telegram reported the conviction of a man who was testing the security system at Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport.  According to the paper, Fazal Karim, a Pakistani national in the United States Illegally, attempted to smuggle 32 double-edged razor blades tucked in a coiled belt carried inside a cardboard box in carry-on luggage.  (Karim is a Canadian citizen who was an illegal alien at the time of his arrest).


   Just what did Karim do that attracted the attention of screeners?


1.  He lied about his immigration status.  (Illegal alien)


2.  He placed his carry-on luggage on the conveyor belt; then walked away from it to a non-adjacent passenger screening device.    


3.  Told screeners the blades:


  a.  For shaving the bottom of his full beard.  (Note: He had blades, no handles).


  b.  Said the blades were for a friend in Houston.  (Note: ACAIR can find no record of there being a razor blade shortage in Texas)


  c.  Stated he didn’t know the blades were in the luggage.


   And the response of the Council on American-Islamic Relations?


   According to the Star-Telegram,


“A spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations said in an earlier interview that Karim’s prosecution fit a pattern of singling out travelers from predominantly Muslim nations after the 9-11 terrorist attacks.”


    Once again, CAIR attempts to turn this into another example of profiling Muslims, despite there being absolutely no evidence that the screeners acted against Karim because of his religious beliefs. 

attempted to carry 32 double-edged razor blades onto an aircraft.  His explanations were disingenuous and he was acting suspicious.  CAIR disparages law enforcement again, when it implies that good security work is simply a case of profiling.  


   Karim’s defense attorney, Marlo Cadeddu had this to say:


“I don’t believe the government would have taken the position that it took if Mr. Karim were not a Muslim.”


    Cadeddu can make all the unreasonable statements he cares too, but the simple fact remains that he has not told anyone how the screeners knew that Karim is a Muslim. 


    In any case, Karim has five years to do in the prison system and we won’t have to worry about him, or his razor blades, any time soon.  He is to be deported following completion of his sentence. 




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