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016/08  December 23, 2008

James Yee & CAIR: "Trust" Terror?

     A jury has found the remaining defendants know as the "Fort Dix Six" guilty of conspiring to kill American military personnel at Fort Dix. The jury found that the men had made an agreement to attack soldiers at the base "and had taken at least one step toward carrying it out."

     In record time,  CAIR and their stooge James Yee rose to the defense of Islamist jihadists who wanted to kill fellow americans, and to insult the integrity of FBI and law enforcement personnel who acted quickly and bravely to defend our countrymen from a terror attack.

     James Yee:

"It seemed to me as if the case was pretty flimsy," ... "It seems like these guys under
normal circumstances weren't going to do anything until a government informant
initiates contact with them and incites them,"
     It's amazing to see James Yee speak about "normal circumstances" dictating the course of this case. It was under normal circumstances that the FBI learned of the Fort Dix Six's jihadist practices when one of the six brought a home made terror training video tape to a shop to have the tape converted to DVD.  The employee watched the tape in the course of making the copy, and viewed alarming and shocking militant jihad-like activity which prompted him to call the authorities. Undoubtedly due to the efforts of groups like CAIR, the clerk actually worried over being called a racist if he called the authorities and alerted them to what he had seen.
     James Yee continues to lecture Americans about the feelings of his community:

"All of this doesn't help build trust with the American Muslim community, and that is vital if our
law enforcement is going to fight terrorism,"..."If anyone can improve security, it's our
community, but we need to be seen as trusted partners, not potential suspects."
    Unbelievable...this from a "man" who arguably dishonored both his officer's commissioning oath and the US Army uniform he wore while "ministering" to Islamic terrorists detained at the detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba...a man without honor presumes to lecture anyone about trust?  James Yee, poster boy of the Front Group created for Hamas - CAIR, has the nerve to act as if he speaks for the American Muslim community and tell us that we should have "trusted" that the Fort Dix Six were nothing but innocent gun-toting Boy Scouts not worthy of any investigation?

     Not everyone in the convicted men's community agrees with Yee.

     Fuat "Mike" Mamo of Cresskill, New Jersey had this to say, specifically of the three Albanian born brothers who were convicted:

"I don't know what they were thinking...they were just out of their mind and they should be
put away for life. The Albanian community is nothing like this... we come from a country
that has a reputation for religious diversity and tolerance.  To go against the American
government, that's unacceptable to our community."

     Jim Sues, executive director of the New Jersey chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations chimed in:

"Many people in the Muslim community will see this as a case of entrapment...from what
I saw, there was a significant role played by the government informant."

    Jim Sues seemingly wants everyone to ignore that there would have never been the need for any FBI "informants" had the men never made the suspicious video that set the whole investigation in motion.
     Anti-CAIR sought the opinion of a respected American Muslim on the subject of the Fort Dix Six convictions and the statements of CAIR and James Yee. 

     Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy was kind enough to provide the following response:


I never ceased to be amazed at the depths to which Islamist groups like CAIR and their supporters like James Yee will stoop to
find some kind of fault with the prosecution, whether fact or fiction, when they are faced with a conviction by a jury of our peers. 
The hypocrisy of Islamist organizations like CAIR has no limits. Ibrahim Hooper, NIhad Awad, and CAIR had the temerity to send
out a press release on November 24, 2008, asking President-elect Obama to “restore the rule of law” reiterating Awad’s words
before a national CAIR audience in D.C at their annual banquet. That press release was sent out on the heels of the convictions
of the leadership of the Holy Land Foundation in Dallas on all counts for funding terrorism. CAIR had a problem with that example
of ‘the rule of law’.

On December 22, 2008, Jim Sues, executive director of the New Jersey chapter of CAIR also certainly seems to have a problem
with the “rule of law.” He stated that “many people in the Muslim community will see this as a case of entrapment…from what I saw
there was a significant role played by the government informant”.

Not only did the jury disagree with that, but Patrick Rowan, assistant US attorney general for national security said it best, “The word
should go out to any other would-be terrorists of the homegrown variety that the United States will find you, infiltrate your group, prosecute
you and send you to a federal prison for a very long time.” That is exactly what we should be hearing from my fellow coreligionists. We
should as a faith community be putting every would-be militant Islamist on notice that our community will have zero tolerance for any
behaviors which are militant. Not only will the government infiltrate these groups but the organized Muslim community will help them do it.

Rather than give us such long overdue reassurances, CAIR’s apologists again prove that when it comes to the rule of law there appears
to be a different one for Islamists than for those adjudicated by juries in New Jersey or Dallas. James Yee also provided an incredulous
comment after the guilty verdict. “All this doesn’t help build trust with the American Muslim community, and that is vital if our law enforcement
is going to fight terrorism.” Mr. Yee, please speak for yourself  and cease and desist representing yourself as a spokesperson for the
American Muslim Community and I am personally offended that you are touted as a representative of  American Muslims who are former
military officers. As a former US Navy Lieutenant commander, I take great umbrage with an individual who has not only taken the oath of
citizenship but that of a US military officer and yet portrays a sentiment that he and thus by inference, ‘the American Muslim community’
has a problem with government informants and their efforts to infiltrate possible jihadist cells. With Mr. Yee’s pronouncements on the heels
of this case, it becomes difficult to see when he would ever find it appropriate for the government to do its job and infiltrate radical cells with
whom they have probable cause and stop their activities.

Mr. Yee, we have an obligation as citizens and as officers to our oath and to uphold the law regardless of any other allegiance to a faith
group or political movement like Islamists. Mr. Yee goes on to say that, “If anyone can improve security, it’s our community, but we need
to be seen as trusted partners, not potential suspects.” It is certainly interesting that Mr. Yee seems to identify with the individuals who
now stand convicted of conspiracy to kill military personnel. I certainly do not and if anything the fact that they called themselves Muslims
makes it more important that they be made an example of by the Muslim community in my own estimation.

It is truly sad that such offensive comments are touted as representing the sentiments of the American Muslim community. In fact, if media
were to interview non-Islamist or better yet, anti-Islamist Muslims they would find many of us celebrating the verdict and encouraging
continued heroic reporting like that of the store clerk which led ultimately to the infiltration and conviction. From Mr. Yee’s comments, it
would appear that he would have not reported the video to authorities as reporting these jihadists and looking upon them as ‘potential
suspects’ would alienate Muslims- his Muslims that is. Sorry, but law-abiding Muslims who believe in our oath to protect the US from
enemies foreign and domestic will report jihadist activity as soon as we see it and leave it to the authorities and the justice system and the
“rule of law” which we swore to uphold to determine their guilt or innocence. These individuals stand convicted and Mr. Yee, Mr. Sues,
and other Islamist apologists from CAIR cannot get themselves to laud the tireless efforts of our Homeland Security and Justice Departments.
Their comments speak volumes to the problems endemic among those who believe in the ideology of political Islam. To them, justice is not
about American security or the rule of law as defined by evidentiary procedures in the United States. Rather to the Islamist, justice is about
preferential treatment for Islamist Muslims over the rule of law which is thankfully applied in this country blind to one’s personal religious
practice. Draw a cartoon, criticize an Islamist, or report unusual activity on an airplane and the wrath of Islamist leaders will be brought upon
you. However, be convicted of a conspiracy to kill military personnel by a jury and CAIR’s apologists will find a reason to apologize for the
verdict and put America on warning that they will not help improve security if these types of criminals are targeted.

M. Zuhdi Jasser
President, AIFD


     'Nuff said ...

Andrew Whitehead

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