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018/05  May 27, 2005

CAIR: Offering Flowers to Conceal the Hate?

     On Thursday, 26 May, the Orange County Register published a letter by Sabiha Khan, the communications director for the Anaheim chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

     Khan piqued our interest in the first paragraph of the article, writing:

“The actions of extremist Jews, Muslims, Christians or others should not determine how our nation
 or true followers of the respective religions act.  Our actions should be guided by our shared, principled
belief that all religions are to be respected and all innocent life deserves dignity.”

     This flowery, “can’t we all just get along” message sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?  Although we think you would be hard-pressed to find a CAIR official who believes any Jew or Christian is ever truly "innocent" and deserving of dignity. 

     If this had been written by other than a CAIR official, we probably would have ignored it.  But this statement is ridiculous when written by a CAIR official…let’s do another reality check on CAIR’s record:

     CAIR very rarely condemns, by name, Muslim terrorists.  In fact, according to CAIR, there is no such thing as a Muslim terrorist.  When confronted by some horrific act of violence perpetrated in the name of "Allah",  CAIR typically resorts to either not reporting the event, or uses moral relativism to explain how Islam “is just like other peaceful religions”. 

     According to CAIR, Islam is above reproach, no matter how depraved the act, or obscene the rhetoric, of its believers.  On the other hand, CAIR is always willing to condemn Jews, Christians, Hindus, or anyone else who "offends" Muslim sensibilities.  We think CAIR's public statements and private acts demonstrate that CAIR believes sensitive Islamic feelings mean more than the lives of non-Muslim children.
     CAIR supports Muslim terrorist groups, such as Hamas.

     CAIR has several officials serving prison terms on Islamic terrorism charges.

     Ghassan Elashi and Randall Royer are two that immediately come to mind.

     With this record, we believe it is long past time for any CAIR representative to presume to lecture Americans about the problems of extremist religious beliefs.

     CAIR should clean its own house first.

Andrew Whitehead

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