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020/05  June 5, 2005

CAIR: Finally Shut Out by United States Government?
     On June 1, 2005, the US State Department announced the appointment of several Americans to a team representing America at a conference to meet in Spain.  The conference, being held in Cordoba, will meet June 8-9 to discuss ways to combat religious intolerance.
    Anti-CAIR (ACAIR) has checked the background of each of the attendees representing the United States.  We are highly gratified to note that not one official of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was appointed to the panel.

    However, one name did stand out: Kamal Nawash, President of the Free Muslim Coalition (FMC) against Terrorism.  At a rally held 14 May in Washington D.C., Nawash introduced Imam Khaleel Mohammed, Phd., who had this to say about CAIR: (video)

    “…these organizations stand up and preach to the press how opposed they are to terrorism - and since, unlike Kamal Nawash,
I do not have the necessity to be politically correct I can mention bloody names, and I can call names-
and I call names like CAIR - and MAS - They stand up and preach hypocrisy...”

     So, by inviting the comments of Mohammed, Nawash has clearly established his anti-CAIR credentials.

     Has the US Government adopted a new attitude toward CAIR?  Is the new “litmus test” for the appointment of Muslims to sensitive positions to be that they are not part of CAIR?

     Our position is that the US Government should never consider CAIR representatives for assignment or inclusion in any forum, panel, or group where they have the opportunity to speak on behalf of our great nation. 

     We believe terrorism supporters, like CAIR, should never have a government endorsement.

Andrew Whitehead

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