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020/07  November 27, 2007

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    CAIR: Exploiting Children For Jihad Propaganda?
    Choked for eight seconds against a wall, threatened with death by BB-gun, punched in the arm, and having a head scarf pulled off.  Pretty scary stuff, especially if you are an 11-year old.
    CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) recently pressed local school officials in Pinellas County (Florida) to investigate a threat it says was made against Hannah Chehab, an 11 year-old female Muslim student.
    CAIR’s local executive director, Ahmed Bedier, said that CAIR’s primary concern is the safety of Hannah and the other students at the school.
    Remember, this sudden “concern” for Hannah comes from CAIR, an organization with proven ties to Islamic terrorism and Islamic terrorists.  CAIR co-founder Omar Ahmad is a former officer in the Islamic Association for Palestine, a terrorist group.  CAIR executive director Nihad Awad participated in a Hamas meeting in the United States where plans to derail a peace initiative were discussed.  Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR spokesman, is a former employee of the Islamic Association for Palestine.  Hooper is well known for his reply of “CAIR does not support these groups publicly” when asked about CAIR’s public support of Hamas, Hizballah, and other government-declared terrorist organizations.
    To be blunt, to expect CAIR to be concerned about a single student, Muslim or otherwise, would ordinarily be laughable if this matter weren’t so serious.
    Now, to the charges.
    To her claim of being choked for eight seconds against a wall; there are no supporting video tapes or witnesses.
    The allegation that she was threatened with a BB-gun finds no reliable witnesses. 

    As to being punched in the arm and having her headscarf pulled off, the words of fellow students are illustrative:
“In the seven-page police report, 11- and 12-year-old schoolmates say Hannah and the boy actually are friends and were constantly talking and playing around. One girl told investigators that the scarf incident occurred after Hannah had tapped the boy on the head.  When he did the same, Hannah tried to push his hand away and the head scarf came off, the girl said.”
    The bottom line is that a couple of school kids had a falling out, the parents may have panicked and called CAIR. 

    Of course, CAIR interjected their noses into a non-issue and tried to elevate it to the level of a heinous hate-crime.

    Why would CAIR take a classroom spat between friends, and attempt to turn it into national headlines?  Because CAIR is a front for the terrorist group Hamas, and Hamas
eagerly exploits children as tools for Jihad propaganda.

    Like CAIR, Hamas has no problem putting children in front of cameras to advance their cause.  Hamas has done this using
Mickey Mouse type characters with a child host to indoctrinate Palestinian youth to a militant mindset.

    To be sure, CAIR did nothing as horrific to young Hannah Chehab. They seemed to do everything they could, however, to exploit her for CAIR's ongoing propaganda campaign to portray the "oppressive" conditions of Muslims living in America.

    Bedier, ever the dutiful CAIR henchman, had no problems propping an 11 year old child in front of the media to read a "statement" about the incident.

    Not everyone was impressed with this "press conference".

    From the St. Petersburg Times:
[O]n Tuesday, board member Jane Gallucci said she had concerns about the lack of emotion in the 11-year-old's presentation ... "It was as if she was reading a book," said Gallucci, who for many years worked as a middle school guidance counselor for the district. "If this was as traumatic as she said it was, there would have been more emotion in the retelling."
    It appears obvious to Anti-CAIR that Bedier and CAIR were exploiting a child to gain ground for CAIR's Jihad in America.  To us, this is just as abusive as Hamas or the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades exploiting children for "military jihad".

   American Muslims can count on one thing when they go to CAIR with a "civil rights" violation: no matter how petty the “crime” may be, CAIR will do its best to equate it to a public lynching, facts be damned.  Nothing counts but putting out the propaganda that Muslims in North America are oppressed.

    The parents of Hannah Chehab should be ashamed for allowing CAIR to exploit their child.
“According to the report, Hannah didn't report any threats while talking to an assistant principal ...”

  If any parent, Muslim or otherwise, believes that their child has been the victim of a crime while in school, they should do the sensible thing and call the school and the police. In this case, there was not enough supporting evidence from classmates and staff who witnessed the incident to back up Hannah Chehab's press conference claims. Both the school and the police reached the same conclusion.

    Why did Hannah's claims change between the time of the incident and her CAIR press conference?

    Or, were these press conference "claims" really Hannah's in the first place ... ?

Andrew Whitehead

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