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021/07  December 2, 2007

    CAIR: Free Speech Doesn’t Apply To Michael Savage

    On November 27th, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Washington, D.C.-based Islamist hate group, called for a boycott of the Michael Savage radio program by advertisers. According to CAIR, Savage made comments about Islam that CAIR has found insulting to the faith.

    CAIR, part of a new group called “Hate Hurts America Community and Interfaith Coalition” (HHA) has managed to get several advertisers to abandon Savage’s radio program in submission to CAIR’s/HHA’s calls to end sponsorship.

    Just who is the HHA?   (It appears HHA's "Coordinator" is Sabiha Khan, CAIR-Orlando Executive Director)

    Who are the members?

    What is the agenda?

visited the HHA website, and as of today (Dec. 2) we noticed that it has had only 942 unique visits since the website was created. The website appears to be totally dedicated to attacking Savage and includes a button on the right side of its home page that invites people to “Join the Coalition”.

   After checking the list of “members” of the HHA coalition, Anti-CAIR joined up to see just how easy it is join a group that seems to us, at first glance, to be largely made up of anti-American and anti-freedom organizations and individuals. Our sign-up was accepted. This leads us to believe this group was assembled on the spur-of-the-moment to provide a meeting place for like-minded bigots to meet and reinforce their feelings of superiority over lesser, unenlightened Americans.

    The website gives the appearance that HHA is a giant organization, with hundreds of thousands of followers. Numbers apparently meant to impress...deceive...and force the hand of advertisers...advertisers that will cut and run at the first sign of controversy rather than investigate before making a decision on sponsorship.

    Why do we say this?  
    Consider; how many of the groups/persons supporting HHA have come to the defense of Christians/Jews that have been attacked by CAIR?

    Where are these organizations and people when Dr. Daniel Pipes, Steve Emerson, Robert Spencer, and Joe Kaufman are attacked by a front group for evil?  
    Where is their sense of outrage then?

     Savage is absolutely correct when he says that CAIR has ties to Islamist terrorism and Islamist terrorists. This is why CAIR wants him shut down. Anyone who speaks the truth about CAIR is a threat to the Islamist movement.

    If CAIR and its minions of HHA succeed in shutting Savage down, it will be one more proof that an Iron Veil is slowly descending upon us, elevating radical Islam to a position above all other religions and relegating non-Muslims to second-hand status.  We must not as a people, as a nation, as a culture, allow this to happen.

    The battle has been joined; this is the time for all free Americans to stand up and say;

"I support the Bill of Rights, I support my great Constitution,
I will not allow a
terrorist-supporting group to dictate to me!"

    Savage has taken a stand that can be very unpopular among many Americans; defending our country and exposing an internal threat - posing as a "civil rights" group. Why is he the one being attacked?

    If Michael Savage is silenced, who will come to your defense when radical Islam comes for you ... ?

Andrew Whitehead

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