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022/05  July 4, 2005

CAIR:  U.S. Muslims Can Never be Guilty of Any Crime
     The Christian Science Monitor recently carried a column on the problem of baby formula theft in the United States.  Ordinarily, Anti-CAIR (ACAIR) wouldn't have an interest in this story, but the ridiculous statement of Rabia Ahmed of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) left us no choice but to respond.
     The article,  “Is black-market baby formula financing terror?”  details how the theft rings work and provides some background on many of those whom have been caught recently.  Surprisingly, considering their small numbers in the U.S., a significant number of the ringleaders are Muslims from the Middle East and many of them are suspected of sending theft profits to support terrorist groups overseas and in North America.
     So what did CAIR’s Ahmed say that caught our attention?
“To say that - 'Oh, there's a chance that these funds went to fund terrorism because there are terrorist groups
active in this country' - is irresponsible.  We've seen many cases like this, where a prominent Muslim leader
has been charged with horrible things, but it ends up being some kind of immigration technicality."

     Just what did this ridiculous statement have to do with the article? 


     Note that Ahmed also characterizes violations of immigration law as “some kind of immigration technicality”. 
     So there you have it: The standard CAIR line that infers that there is no way any Muslim can ever commit any crime in the United States at any time and that any possible hint of a violation by a Muslim must be an “immigration technicality”.
     However, what if Muslim criminals are stealing milk and other retail goods, just what are they doing with the profits?
     The above article link tells the story of two brave officers who spent many years dismantling a retail theft ring that specialized in stealing baby formula and other retail items using a highly organized gang.  The article also relates the suspicion that the illegal profits are being used to fund terrorism.
      So, once again, we see that CAIR is ready to jump to the defense of any Muslim, accused of any crime, anywhere in the West, regardless of the charge or circumstances.  How nice it must be to be a Muslim terrorist in North America and know that no matter how heinous your crime, how illegal your activities or how treasonable your speech, you have a friend in CAIR.
      On Nov. 14, 2004, FBI Director Robert Mueller gave a speech in Los Angeles, California during which he had this to say about the link between baby formula theft and terrorist financing:
"Often there is a nexus between criminal activity and terrorism.  We see organized crime laundering money
for drug groups, drug groups selling weapons to terrorists, terrorists committing white-collar fraud to raise
money for their operations.  In a number of our cases, the subjects of these investigations are suspected
of providing financial support to terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah.  As you can see,
frequently these investigations are not just criminal, but are also counterterrorism investigations.

"Confronting these diverse and symbiotic threats is not easy. It means intelligence is now
more important than ever."

        Now we can all see, once again, why it is so important to cast off our rose-colored glasses and see just exactly what CAIR is ...

Andrew Whitehead

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