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Anti-CAIR Press Release 025/03
September 24, 2003

CAIR’s Ismail Royer Strikes Again; Muslim Schools Front for Islamic Terror?  

     It was reported in the Washington Post recently that Senator Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) has renewed his request for an investigation into two institutes that train Islamic chaplains for the armed forces.  This is in response to the recent arrest of Army Capt. James Yee, an Islamic chaplain attached to the detention facility located at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.


     While ACAIR commends Senator Schumer for renewing his request, we would point out the following instances where both civilian and military law enforcement authorities failed to take the appropriate action when evidence of a possible Islamic terrorist threat presented itself:


1.  On **Saturday, August 28th, 1999, The Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences (GSISS) graduated its first class.  The Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences was the only school approved by the US Department of Defense (DoD) to train and endorse Muslim military chaplains at the time. 


     Why is this significant?  Ismail Royer wrote an article for (article no longer linked) commenting on the positive aspects of f“tripling the number of active duty Muslim chaplains available to the U.S. military.”

     Who is Ismail Royer?  Mr. Royer is a Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) officer who is currently awaiting trial on terrorism related charges.  Please see ACAIR
press release nr’s 14, 15, 16 & 18 for more information of the activities of Mr. Royer.  In addition, this prestigious Graduate School was raided by federal agents in 2002 as part of an investigation into suspected links to Islamic terror groups.  (Capt. Yee was trained there). 


     Point?  GSISS is suspected of being a terrorist front group; Ismail Royer, a CAIR officer writes good things about the school; Capt. Yee, a suspected spy trained at the school.  This begs the obvious question:  Do the various departments within the federal government even talk to each other?  Did the FBI warn the DoD?  Why or why not? 


(Note:  ACAIR contacted the GSISS to confirm the attendance of Capt.Yee and was referred to the institute’s attorney, Ms. Donna Scheinbach.  When contacted, Ms. Scheinbach responded “No” to two questions:  “Had Capt.Yee graduated from GSISS?”  and “Had Capt. Yee ever attended GSISS?”   ACAIR Contacted Mr. Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR to ask for their impressions of the Yee case, Mr. Hooper told us to “Have a nice day” and hung up the phone.)


2.  On January 31, 2002, the Miami Herald printed an article (link requires payment of fee) by Carol Rosenberg that starts with the sentence,

“You’re the first-ever American Muslim cleric to minister to a prison camp full of suspected terrorists
and one confides he has a weapon. Do you keep the secret? 
Or do you breach religious confidentiality?” 

     According to Ms. Rosenberg, the Muslim Chaplain- US Navy Lt. Abuhena Mohammad Saiful-Islam would look “for a third way to resolve the clear conflict of interest between the crescent moon pin stuck in your left lapel and the lieutenant’s bars on the right side of your uniform.” 


     Interesting?  Lt. Saiful-Islam would look “for a third way”?  A commissioned officer in the service of the United States Navy, upon discovering the presence of an illegal weapon among suspected terrorists would look “for a third way”?  Lt. Saiful-Islam responded:

“I will say, ‘give it to me,’ – and not tell the general who had it 

commissioned officer would deliberately hide the fact that a terrorism suspect was holding an illegal weapon in a prison?


     Point?  This example, from January, 2002 clearly demonstrates that the armed forces have had a problem with Muslim chaplains for several years.

3.  In the May 30, 2002 edition of The Christian Science Monitor is an article by Phillip Smucker entitled, “The US Army’s men in black…turbans”.  The article relates the story of US Army Sgt. Mike Dickinson, who “keeps a photograph of Jordan’s Queen Rania plastered to the butt of his M-16 and swears that if the U.S. ever goes to war alongside Israel against the Arabs, he will have to become a “conscientious objector”. 


     We have Sgt. Dickinson, leader of a psy-ops team, putting his country on notice that he may refuse, on religious grounds, to fight those persons he personally does not perceive to be his enemies? 


     Point?  Sgt. Dickinson could be representative of the problems the armed forces may have, and will have, with possible religious extremists as long as the armed forces practice a form of “political correctness” that overlooks the extremism of some followers of the Islamic faith.



     ACAIR believes that these few examples clearly indicate that the armed forces may have a problem in the ranks that is only going to get worse before it gets better.  Why?  What is it about radical Islam that prevents military authorities from taking those steps necessary to root out the perverted followers of Wahhabi Islam? 


     Why does the Department of Defense rely on Islamic teaching institutions that are under a cloud of suspicion? 


     Why doesn’t the Department of Defense reach out to more mainstream organizations and get their assistance in training Islamic chaplains for our military services? 


     Military members are representative of the society they are drawn from.  Are we to believe that the violent, perverted Wahhabi sect is representative of Islam in America today? 


     ACAIR calls on our elected representatives to step up the pressure on law enforcement and the Department of Defense to exclude the followers of Wahhabi Islam from participating in training programs for the armed forces; to more fully investigate the background of chaplain candidates and to drop the dangerous, politically correct nonsense that is endangering the ability of the armed forces to defend our great country. 








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