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     CAIR:  Sudan, “We don't have enough knowledge of the situation to make judgments."

     Sudan…long Africa’s exploited whipping boy and home to some of the crudest dictators who ever came to power is once again facing genocide on a horrific scale…and what does the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) have to say? 

Hooper, CAIR Spokeman:

“We don't have enough knowledge of the situation to make judgments."

      Why is this important, and why should anyone care what Hooper has to say on the subject?  

      The forces attacking the native tribes are largely Arab Muslims, the victims are predominantly non-wahhabi-Muslims, non-muslims and black - strikes in a country that strictly enforces Sharia law.

      For Hooper to say that CAIR hasn’t enough knowledge on the subject makes us wonder why CAIR is suddenly suffering from amnesia.  Consider Hooper’s opinion on the Sudan in a piece he wrote back in 1998.  While Hooper’s observations and conclusions in this piece are largely incorrect, they do show that CAIR’s spokesman does have a voice…this begs the question: Why doesn’t CAIR’s voice have the knowledge to make a judgment today? 

     Could it be that a racist, genocidal regime in Khartoum, being Wahhabi Arab Muslim, meets CAIR’s approval?

     Or does CAIR have no opinion when black Muslims are murdered in a genocidal program carried out by Arab Wahhabi Muslims? 

     If not, what other possible reason could CAIR have for remaining silent on this issue?  Why are they hiding behind the veil of ignorance? 

     CAIR’s Hooper isn’t saying.

     Is it just possible that the Darfur Muslims “aren’t Muslim enough”?  That the Darfur Muslims don’t gallop about the hinterland murdering, raping, stealing, cutting off various body parts, and enslaving other Muslims while spreading the “Islam is peace” message of their Wahhabi oppressors? 

     Isn’t it odd that CAIR, “America’s premier Muslim Civil Rights Group”, will say nothing in defense of non-violent Muslims who are being systematically “cleansed” by militant Islamists?  CAIR claims to condemn terror…except when it comes to Wahhabi Islamists terror-murdering in the name of “Allah”. 

    Hooper has no opinion on that? Why?

     How many more black Sudanese will die at the hands of murderous militant Arab Islamists before Hooper finds his voice?  Or is this too much to expect from the nations “premier Muslim civil-rights group?

     CAIR, the Ku Klux Klan of the Muslim movement in the USA, has once again put America on notice of just exactly what they stand for.  Pretty ugly picture, isn’t it?  …and who’s holding the paintbrush?  Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR spokesperson.

     One thing we can say about CAIR that even they won’t disagree with: they put their bigotry and hatred on parade for everyone to see.

     Civil rights?...  Human Rights?...  for Wahhabi Muslims only?

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