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025/05 August 7, 2005

     CAIR Condemns Terrorist Attack

      On August 4, 2005, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) issued a condemnation of a “terrorist” attack by an Israeli army deserter on a bus in Israel’s northern Galilee region on the same day.

      However, how can CAIR “condemn” a terrorist act, when CAIR spokesman, Ibrahim Hooper was quoted as saying: “It’s not our job to go around condemning” when he was asked by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in February 2002 to condemn Hamas and Hezbollah?

      Or does condemning only apply when Jews and Christians are the perpetrators? 

      We must ask how many Muslim attacks worldwide has CAIR condemned; how many Muslim terrorists has CAIR condemned by name; and the number of Muslim terrorist groups condemned by name? 

[According to The Religion of Peace, CAIR has condemned 6 of approximately 2600 Muslim terrorist attacks.]

      Let’s contrast Hooper’s ability to “condemn” a lone mentally deranged Jew acting without religious or state sanction to the genocide going on today in Darfur, the Sudan.   

      Hooper could find his voice to condemn a lone Jew, but had this response when questioned about Muslim genocide committed against two million black Muslim and Christian Sudanese:

“We don’t have enough knowledge of the situation to make judgments.”

      Just as in the past, the United States finds itself at war with an intractable enemy; an enemy who cannot be negotiated with and who must be summarily defeated on the battlefield by force of arms to ensure our survival.  How many attacks on our Western allies, how many attacks on our country; our value system and way of life must we be forced to endure before the American people rise up, march on Washington and demand that our elected leaders do what the Constitution demands, which is to defend our country?

      If our elected leaders cannot do the job mandated for them by the Constitution, then they should quickly step down and get out of the way of those who are not only talking about doing the right thing, but are willing to turn talk into action.

     We are running out of time…and our enemies know it.  We no longer have the luxury of discussing or arguing about the action we must take; we must act now…or be prepared to live under an Islamic form of government.

Andrew Whitehead

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