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026/05 August 27, 2005

CAIR: Parvez Ahmed, Call to Moderate Muslims?

     On August 19, 2005, the Free Muslims Coalition Against Terrorism (FMCAT) published an article by Parvez Ahmed, chairman of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR):

     In the article, Ahmed writes in a long-winded paragraph that North America cannot defeat radical Islam without the help of Muslims; he is, of course, talking about CAIR Muslims:

”Presenting an alternative ideological discourse to counterbalance the hijacking of young and impressionable Muslim minds is as urgent as establishing effective law enforcement or military doctrine. The dissemination of core Islamic values to counteract this murderous ideology requires a multifaceted national strategy and will only be successful with the support of those Muslims who are well-versed in mainstream Islamic theology and enjoy broad-based support in the Muslim community worldwide.”

     Ahmed is saying that only with the support of “those Muslims who are well-versed in mainstream Islamic theology” can the US hope to counteract the murderous ideology of radical Islam.  However, consider Ahmed’s and CAIR’s support for Todd Royer, an Islamic terrorist who was a CAIR official at the time he committed his terrorist acts:

“Royer's indictment stemmed from his activities after he left CAIR. Certainly no organization can be held responsible for the personal activities of its employees or associates, especially after they leave or before they join an organization.”

     When Anti-CAIR (ACAIR) proved that Royer was a CAIR official at the time he committed his Islamic terrorist acts, did CAIR issue an apology and promise to clean up its act?

     No, they did not.  How can they clean up their act when acting in defense of Islamic terrorism goals is part and parcel of CAIR’s reason for exisiting?  Asking CAIR to give up support for Islamic terrorism would be the same as expecting the Ku Klux Klan to admit black members.

     Ahmed continues, now lamenting that President Bush and other administration officials have not included groups like CAIR in the battle against Islamic terrorism:

”It is disappointing that following a brief meeting with American Muslim leaders after the 9/11 attacks, President Bush and other top administration officials have made no meaningful effort to reach out to those who are best equipped to wage such ideological battles. This self-imposed disengagement harms our national security and does a disservice to all those American Muslims who want to help defend their nation.”

     These words, which sound so uplifting, so empowering, and so inclusive…would actually mean something if they had been written by a true moderate Muslim who is not connected to CAIR, an organization with proven links to Islamic terrorism.

     Let’s again listen to the words of Nihad Awad, CAIR’s executive director:

“I am in support of the Hamas movement”

     Can anyone explain how CAIR can both be in support of Islamic terrorist groups and convicted terrorists while at the same time claiming that CAIR can play a part in battling against Islamic terrorism in North America?

     Ahmed is saying that groups such as CAIR have a part to play in the battle against Islamic terrorism…but how can CAIR, a group with many senior officials currently serving prison terms on Islamic terrorism charges ever hope to be taken seriously?  Isn’t this like the American NAZI party offering to help the FBI fight skinheads? 

     CAIR has absolutely no part to play in North Americas battle against Islamic terrorism and this is as it should be ...

Andrew Whitehead

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