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Anti-CAIR Press Release 029/03

November 6,  2003

          -     WARNING:  CAIR Will Contact/Attack Your Employer/Cost You Your Job

-     Lt. Gen. William Boykin / Intolerant Extremist?

-     ACAIR’s Opinion / Islam in the Public Schools 

          -     Congress, What are our “Leaders” Thinking? 


WARNING:  CAIR Will Contact/Attack Your Employer/Cost You Your Job

     ACAIR has warned our readers NOT to communicate with the Council on Islamic Relations (CAIR) using a corporate e-mail account.  On many, many occasions, CAIR has contacted corporations to complain about receiving “hate e-mail” from employees using their work e-mail accounts. 

     The stated goal of CAIR is to “express concern”, but we of 
ACAIR believe it is an attempt to get the employee terminated.  In today’s politically correct environment, not many companies want to stand up to CAIR to defend an employee from charges of “Islamophobia” or “hate”, it’s easier to terminate the employee and not incur the wrath of CAIR.  

     The bottom line:  DO NOT USE YOUR EMPLOYER’S E-MAIL ADDRESS TO SEND E-MAIL TO CAIR.  If you must send e-mail to CAIR, use your personal account, away from work. ACAIR recommends that you do NOT send any e-mail from your work computer station.   


Lt. Gen. William Boykin / Intolerant Extremist?  

     On 16 October, 2003, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) issued an “action alert” calling for the reassignment of Lt. Gen. William Boykin for claiming that he is in “the army of God” and claiming that Muslims worship an “idol”.

     ACAIR finds it interesting that CAIR is even bothering to mention Lt. Gen Boykin or his comments.  Has not CAIR repeatedly claimed that Muslims who kill and maim in the name of Allah do not represent “true Islam”?  Lt. Gen Boykin only described the enemies of America. We call them Islamists.

     CAIR is now defending Muslims who do not practice “true Islam”? 

     Could it be if they do not defend these “Islamist murderers”, they cannot justify their own defense of Hamas and other Islamist terror groups that also kill and maim in the name of Allah?


ACAIR’s Opinion / Islam in the Public Schools

     We at ACAIR have noted how over the past several months, CAIR has attempted to insinuate itself into our public schools.  We find it interesting that school principals not only allow these Islamists into their schools; they often times invite them in the names of “diversity” and “inclusion”.  Yes, these same principals that have the ACLU on speed dial lest a Christian or Jew come within 1000 feet of their schools go out of their way to invite Muslims into public schools to speak about Islam!

CAIR has even issued guidelines for local CAIR chapters to follow in dealing with schools.  Can you imagine what would happen if:

1.  A Christian wanted to set up a Christian display in a school library? 

2.  A Jew wanted to speak to their Social Studies class about Hanukkah?

3.  A religion, other than Islam, that demanded a private space at school to pray in?

How long would it take for the principal to telephone the ACLU and have a brigade of lawyers parachuted in?  How long would it take for the school to go into full lock-down mode and police snipers to take their place on the rooftops, “protecting” the students from Christian and Jewish thought?  How many bus loads of “grief counselors” would it take to calm the students down and purge them of their exposure to Christianity or Judaism? 


     The principal would be at the front gate, surrounded by teachers, all eager to show how cultured, how “understanding” they are of the Islamic faith.  CAIR even has a special book entitled “Teaching about Islam & Muslims in the Public School Classroom: a Handbook for Educators” available to help public school teachers better understand their Muslim students.  Where is the educator’s book for Christians?  For Jews?  For that matter, any other number of religions in the United States today?  Would a Muslim teacher be expected to understand Christian students?  Would a Jewish teacher be expected to understand a Christian student? 

     The bottom line:  treat all peaceful religions the same.  Why is CAIR demanding special treatment for Islamic students?  What is it about Islam that requires CAIR to send their representatives into the public schools to lecture teachers?  What is CAIR telling these teachers?  Why is Islam favored over other religions?  Is Islam so complicated a religion that public school teachers require special training? 

     Our Constitution states that all Americans are equal before the law.  Why is an exception made for Islam?     


Congress, What are our “Leaders” Thinking? 

     The Labor, Health and Human Services and Education Appropriations Subcommittee of the US Senate recently met to review whether US Government financial support to the Palestinians was being used to fund the Palestinian Authority’s indoctrination of children. 

     ACAIR finds it absolutely incredible that the news of Palestinian children being indoctrinated into committing terror murders is a surprise to our “leaders” in congress. 

     The Palestinian Authority (PA) has been conducting this indoctrination since the PA gained authority over schools in their area of responsibility.  From the very beginning, these schools preached a virulent anti-Semitic, anti-American line.  For our leaders, with their access to information, to claim that this is “news” to them is an insult to all Americans and clearly shows a disconnect between our Washington leadership and ordinary Americans who have been reading stories of indoctrination for several years.  Our congressional leaders are either extremely naïve, purposefully blind to the facts, or failing to tell the truth.


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