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 029/06  July 10, 2006

      CAIR: At War With North America?

     In June 2006, an article was posted on the Anti-CAIR (ACAIR) web site concerning the recent dismissal of a defamation lawsuit against me. The lawsuit was filed by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Washington, D.C. based Islamic group, with "chapters" in many American cities. CAIR also has an office in Canada, under the name of “CAIR-Canada” (or "CAIR-CAN") with branch offices in many Canadian cities.

     CAIR sued me, claiming that my statements regarding CAIR's support for terror, its foreign funding sources, and its desire for implementation of Sharia law in place of the U.S. Constitution were false and defamatory. However, while the lawsuit has been dropped, my statements stand.

     Let us be clear: as I said two years ago, CAIR uses foreign money to fund its activities. A recent endowment by the United Arab Emirates - a country, according to the Congressional Research Service, that recognized and supported the Taliban, lacks any democratic institutions, and is characterized by the human trafficking of women and girls for domestic servitude and sexual exploitation, and of boys to serve as camel jockeys - has given CAIR a cool $50 million (USD) to help CAIR convince North Americans of the peaceful nature of Islam. However, why does a peaceful religion need to explain how peaceful it is? Do we see the Catholic Church advertising how peaceful Catholics are? How about the Protestants? The Amish? The Jewish?

     Why is Islam the only religion in North America that finds it necessary to ram its message of peace down our throats, and why is CAIR, whose leader was heard professing his allegiance to a terror group during FBI surveillance, the one to be delivering this message?

     CAIR might claim that its propaganda campaign is necessary because 9/11 and the "neo-con/Zionist conspiracy" are turning all non-Muslims in America into overnight “Islamophobes”. However, there is absolutely no proof of this. Even immediately following the 9/11 attacks, FBI statistics show Jews were still the preferred targets of bigots and racist nut-jobs in the United States; in fact, even leaving aside 9/11, it is the Muslims in America that have perpetrated the most heinous hate crimes over the past decade, murdering innocent Americans (most specifically because they were Jews) on the streets of New York and in the Los Angeles airport, among other places.

     As I said two years ago, when we examine CAIR’s leadership, we see that Ahmad, Awad, and Hooper (the heads of CAIR) were spawned from the Islamic Association of Palestine (IAP), an Islamic hate-group that lionized suicide bombings and was held civilly liable for funding terrorists who killed an American teen-ager .

     From the IAP web site:

[T]he real nature of the conflict is a civilizational conflict waged between, on the one land (sic)
Islamic Civilization with its divinely inspired laws and mission to create on this earth the society
of justice and freedom which has been ordained by God; and on the other hand, Western
Civilization with its materialistic culture, worship of ethnicity and the state, and denial of God's
supremacy. The existence of a Jewish state in the heart of the Muslim World…is symbolic
of the weakness of the Muslim Ummah and Muslims' own straying from the path of Islam
in embracing imported ideologies…the Blessed Lands of Palestine do not belong to the
Palestinians or Arabs alone but to all Muslims, and only when the Muslim's (sic) return to
their faith and see the conflict in its real terms can they liberate Palestine as was done in
the 12th Century by Salah al-Din Al-Ayyubi who, while not an Arab, knew his
Islamic responsibility in undertaking the civilization struggle against the West…”

     More hate speech. CAIR has never condemned these hateful words, nor has it ever specifically condemned any Islamic terrorist group.

     Does CAIR’s leadership believe that the U.S. is at war with Islam? …or is it the truth that CAIR is at war with America?

     This is Anti-CAIR’s position on CAIR’s “war posture” which we filed in papers with the court:

“CAIR is afraid to openly admit that it is a Moslem fundamentalist group. It is afraid
to openly admit it supports, and has knowingly served as a conduit to raise funds for,
the genocidal anti-Semites of hamas. It is afraid to openly admit it works on behalf of,
and relies on monies “donated” by, virulently anti-Christian Saudis…”

     “[A]nti-Christian”, “Moslem fundamentalist group”, “…raise funds for the genocidal anti-Semites of hamas”… - these are the facts as set forth in our papers.

     So why was CAIR afraid to have these issues brought up in court? Because CAIR, which self-describes itself as a "Muslim civil rights group", clearly is not about "civil rights" in the normal, American sense. Rather, as I said over two years ago CAIR supports terrorist groups and is dedicated to the overthrow of our democracy, imposition by force of Islamist values, and rule by Sharia law.

     From Court documents:

"These [discovery] requests seek admission regarding certain associations with known
terrorists and/or statements made by CAIR leaders regarding the need to hide their
support for Hamas while engaged in political action in the U.S., alleged “attacks”
against Islam in the United States arising from federal action against HLF, which
funded Hamas, and the fact that the appointment of a person opposed by CAIR to the
United States Institute of Peace by the President constituted an attack on Islam …
The evidence will show that under Moslem law, “attacks against Islam” must be
fought with violence. CAIR’s intentional and repeated use of the “attack” imagery is,
therefore a potential call to violence."

     CAIR absolutely refused to answer these and other questions in court, instead, it dropped the case.

     With money from an Islamic country that exploits women, girls, and young boys, and lacks democratic institutions, CAIR - through its foreign-funded "Islamophobia Campaign" has donned “Golden Gloves” to take on the American people.

     How long before the American people respond in kind?

Andrew Whitehead

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