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News & Analysis 030/04
August 16, 2004

- CAIR - Canada, Demanding Special Rights for “Muslims Only”
- Sudan,  What is the Truth?



CAIR - Canada, Demanding Special Rights for “Muslims Only”

    The August 14, 2004, edition of the Montreal Gazette carried an interesting story regarding the wear of the hijab (head scarf) by female Muslims entering the province of Quebec, Canada. 

    The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has long demanded that Muslim women be allowed to wear a head scarf, face covering, (or both) in official photographs and that common-sense government requirements take a back seat to the rights of Muslims.

    So…once again, we see law enforcement officers, in the proper performance of their duties, being told that Muslims have “special rights”; this time in the immigration process.

This raises some interesting…and dangerous, points:

1.  Exactly how will the officers ID Muslim women entering Canada?  Is it not “profiling” to assume that all women wearing a scarf are Muslim?

2.  In the horrific event a Canadian permanent-residency card is used fraudulently to gain access to an aircraft or secure area to commit a terrorist act, what will be the response/liability of the Canadian government? 

3.  How do Canadians feel about the idea that certain religious beliefs are elevated over others?  What ever happened to the concept of “all citizens being equal before the law?”

     Prime Minister Paul Martin wrote a letter to CAIR-CANADA explaining that the government should not impose scarf removal requirements on Muslim immigrants.

This drew the following response from
Riad Saloojee, the council's executive director:  

“We will go back to Immigration Quebec to make sure they carry out the policy"

Quebec immigration authorities have been warned: You will carry out CAIR-CAN’s policies as regards Muslim immigrants.  How silly of the Quebec government to believe they could enforce any policies without getting clearance from CAIR-CAN first!

   To make the point crystal clear, Saloojee is also requesting a formal apology:

"We will continue to press for a full apology.  In all cases it was their first foray into Canada, and in all cases it was traumatic for them. We expect an apology. It's only fair."

The government of Quebec has learned that the special rights of Muslims come before all others, that CAIR speaks for all Muslims, and that they had better watch themselves when dealing with Muslims.

     We Americans would like to welcome our Canadian brothers and sisters to the lunatic world of special rights and privileges for “protected classes” of people and just mention four words that will help you cope:

“Get used to it.”

Sudan,  What is the Truth?

    On July 24, 2004, Anti-CAIR (ACAIR) issued a “News & Analysis” questioning the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) position regarding the ongoing genocide in Sudan.

    ACAIR would like to call our readers attention to the blog of Dr. Daniel Pipes, a respected expert on the Middle East and Islam.  While Dr. Pipes has never claimed to be a terrorism expert, he has clearly done his homework on the subject of Islam and Islamic terrorism and has a very interesting take on CAIR.  His blog entry explains the situation in Sudan much better than we can and deserves serious attention.

    The bottom line is this…why did it take Dr. Pipes to shame CAIR into making the right decision regarding the Sudan genocide?  Why is it that a very well funded, politically savvy organization like CAIR could make such a dumb mistake in the first place? 

     It should have been painfully obvious to even the most Ameriphobic of CAIR’s leadership that the majority of Americans will never support a policy of “hands off” in the face of genocide. 

    Given CAIR’s outright hatred for Dr. Pipes, why did they listen to him this time?  Does this herald a new direction for CAIR?

    Can a leopard change its spots?



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