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Anti-CAIR Press Release 032/03

December 02, 2003

-  Sentencing Debate over “Lackawanna Six”?

-  CAIR Hails End of Registration Requirements for Muslims

-   Dennis Kucinich, CAIR Supporter?



Sentencing Debate overLackawanna Six”? 

     On 02 December, 2003, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), issued a press release (link not available) linking to an article in The Buffalo News concerning the sentencing of several Yemeni-Americans for providing material assistance and personnel to the al-Qaida Islamist terror group.   

     Why did CAIR print this article in their “American Muslim News Brief”?  The article is clearly not balanced and presents all those convicted as victims of an over-zealous government.  The first paragraph of the article reads:

“They never built a bomb, never hijacked an airliner and, as far as the U.S. Justice Department can determine, never made any plans to commit terrorism.”

     Is this the criteria we can expect Ameriphobes to use in the war on terror?  We can do absolutely nothing to the terrorists until they either build a bomb, hijack a plane or make voluminous notes in planning a terrorist attack?  Law enforcement is to adopt a hands-off policy regarding Islamist terrorists until such time as planes begin to fall out of the sky?  Bombs go off in our streets?  Is this the policy CAIR wants?  Is this the policy the American people want?   

     It bears mentioning that not only did all six men plead guilty, they cooperated with law enforcement for reduced sentences.  According to prosecutor Mr. William J. Hochul Jr., the men provided information regarding al-Qaida’s methods of recruitment, training and communication, along with locations of “guest houses” in the Middle East.

     All six plead guilty.  All six provided accurate intelligence information to the government.

     Sure sounds like they are innocent to us!



  CAIR Hails End of Registration Requirements for Muslims

     The Washington Times carried an article on 02 December, 2003, concerning the ending of the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS) program which had been criticized by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) for singling out Muslims from terrorist-supporting countries.  The NSEERS program came into effect following the attacks of September 11, 2001 and required all men, 18 and over, from 25 countries to undergo special screening before being allowed into the United States.

     CAIR executive director, Mr. Nihad Awad had this to say:

“Today’s announcement will no doubt bring relief to thousands of people who are anxious about being singled out and discriminated against when visiting the United States”.

     “Bring relief”?  Does CAIR actually believe the United States has agents at the border, ready to pounce on anyone they believe is suspicious?  We have secret prisons where political prisoners are detained without right of contact or representation?  Since when has the United States adopted the Saudi Islamic legal system?

      Mr. Awad will, no doubt, be deeply saddened by NSEERS’s  replacement, US-VISIT, which will collect right and left index fingerprints and digital photographs of all visitors to the United States.  This program will be implemented in January, 2004 at 115 airports and 14 seaports.  It is planned to be fully operational by 2005.  It will be interesting to see how CAIR plans to attack US-VISIT as being anti-Islam.  


Dennis Kucinich, CAIR Supporter?

     An article in World Net Daily, posted 30 November, 2003, relates the attendance at a Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) fund-raiser by Democratic presidential candidate Mr. Dennis Kucinich.  According to the article, Mr. Kucinich attended the fund raiser along with Rep. Nick Rahall, D-W.Va. 

     How comforting.  A candidate for the Democratic nomination to the office of President of the United States is fund raising for Islamist terrorism supporters.  Less we think Mr. Kucinich’s visit wasn’t appreciated, Mr. Omar Ahmad, CAIR Chairman, had this to say:

We would like to thank all those who helped us reach our fund-raising goal.  These added resources will enable us to continue and expand our work defending civil rights and promoting a positive image of Islam.”

     Mr. Kucinich also attended a Ramadan iftar (fast breaking) hosted by Rep. John Conyers which was co-sponsored by Reps. Gregory Meeks, Loretta Sanchez and Barbara Lee.  What do all these “representatives of the people” have in common?  They are all Democrats and apologists for Islamist terror. 

     Rep. Gregory Meeks apparently had second thoughts about attending the CAIR event.  He was questioned about his attendance at a CAIR dinner earlier in November and told the New York Sun:

“I don’t want to be associated with anyone who condones suicide bombers, anti-Semitism, or any group that condones the extremism in Islam.  I’m going to do some checking into this right now.  I am going to talk to some of my colleagues, particularly some of my Jewish colleagues.” 

     Representatives of the people have access to the same information that is readily available to all Americans and they conclude that there is nothing wrong with attending events by an Islamist-terror supporting group?  How is it possible that these representatives are so ignorant of the threat posed by CAIR and the Islamist terrorists they support?  What could possibly induce these representatives to sit down with Islamist terrorism supporters? 

     Let us hope constituents of these politicians draw the right conclusions and decide that they do not want people who are cozy with Islamist terrorism representing them in the Congress.  No congressman or representative has any legitimate reason to cooperate with CAIR on any subject. 

     CAIR has proven itself to be an Islamist terror supporting group with no sense of honor - pimping itself as an “Islamic civil rights group”.  We would laugh if it wasn’t so sad.


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