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032/05  November 13, 2005

    CAIR and James Yee’s Dog and Pony Show

     The Los Angeles (USA) chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-LA) recently co-sponsored the “James Yee Speaking Tour”.

     The tour, a veritable “dog and pony show” reportedly is showcasing how Yee was “targeted” based on his faith and ethnicity.

     For those who may not recall, James Yee is the former Army officer who served as Muslim Chaplain to troops and detainees at the Naval Station, Guantanamo, Cuba.

     Following his tour at Guantanamo, Yee was arrested on return to the United States when customs inspectors found suspicious documents in his luggage…documents that Yee had no rational reason for possessing.

     Yee was charged with stealing classified documents which were found on his return to the United States…and he is defended by CAIR.  Just what does this say about CAIR…and what does it say about Yee?

     Let’s recap:

     Yee, who received a significant amount of his Islamic training in Syria, a rogue, terrorist-supporting nation, was caught at the airport with classified documents in his possession.

     However, he stated he did not have any reason to view classified documents, although he did have the security clearance to do so.  (This is not entirely truthful, although a member of the military may have the requisite security clearance to read classified material, they must also have a “need to know”.  A security clearance does not allow the holder to choose the classified documents they wish to view.) 

     According to a Courant article, “Yee says he wants the results of the Pentagon's investigation to be released.”I never had anything to do with classified documents, and I want people to know that. This investigation has been very devastating to all of us."”

     What does the Army have to say about the Yee affair? 

     Major General Geoffrey Miller cited “national security concerns that would arise from the release of evidence” as the reason the case was dropped. An Army counterintelligence officer stated that the sensitive information Yee possessed included information on detainees and interrogators, and could have been used to harm U.S. personnel.

     The Associated Press reported that when they questioned Defense Department officials about the Yee case, the agency refused to comment on the grounds that it does not discuss ongoing cases.

     So, while Yee proclaims his innocence and the Defense Department stays silent about an “ongoing case”, we are left to wonder: is Yee truly “Not Guilty”?  Judging by his public statements and the rantings of CAIR, Americans have a reason to wonder…

     Time will tell ...

Andrew Whitehead

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