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Anti-CAIR Press Release 034/03

December 29, 2003

             -  CAIR, the Islamic Development Bank, and the Banned Al Aqsa Fund


          -  General Electric Caves to CAIR Threats


CAIR, the Islamic Development Bank and the Banned Al-Aqsa Fund


     What do the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic Development Back (IDB), and the Al-Aqsa Fund have in common?




1.  The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has just finished making the final installment on a payment to the Al-Aqsa Fund and Intifada Funds.  The name of the bank handling the money for these two Islamist terror groups?:  The Islamic Development Bank.   


2.  The governments of the United States, Great Britain and other countries have banned Al-Aqsa fund raising/banking in their countries and have seized funds.


3.  The Council on American Islamic Relations has stated that they received funding for their DC headquarters from a loaned grant mortgage from the Islamic Development Bank.


     The end result?  CAIR gladly received funding from a banking institution that also processes funds for Islamist terrorists who bomb, murder, dismember and terrorize innocent people while they profane the name of Allah.


     How can peaceful followers of the Islamic faith rationalize associating with an organization such as CAIR that not only supports Islamist terror, but does business with banks that fund terror? 


     How can any member of the press or public rely on the words of a CAIR leader while CAIR engages in business with terrorist supporters who provide funds to groups that have, on several occasions, terror-murdered Americans? 


     Where is the shame?  Where is the outrage?


General Electric Caves to CAIR Threats


    On December 16, 2003,  Anti - CAIR (ACAIR) issued a press release regarding the actions taken by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) in response to statements made by nationally syndicated radio commentator, Mr. Paul Harvey.


     In response to CAIR’s call for "action",  several hundred people contacted General Electric (GE), with the end result that GE pulled their sponsorship of the program. 


     While we of ACAIR fully support the right of any company to support the programming of their choice, we question whether GE should have taken any action in response to CAIR’s actions.  We believe CAIR represents the very worst aspects of Islamist fundamentalism, does not represent the majority (or even a significant minority) of Muslims in the US and also supports Islamist terrorism.  For a corporation such as GE to acknowledge, or respond to, entreaties made by CAIR is an insult to peaceful people of every religion. 


     We hope that, in future, any US corporation having any type of relationship with CAIR realizes that they are dealing with Islamist terrorism supporters and that the American people will not trade with corporations that do not reflect traditional American values. 


     ACAIR sent an e-mail to Mr. Gary Sheffer outlining his opinions regarding GE’s position regarding Mr. Harvey’s comments and received the following response:


Thanks for your note.You should know that we decided last week to resume advertising on Mr. Harvey’s program.


Also, our decision was our own.We thought Mr. Harvey’s remarks were inappropriate. He himself issued a statement clarifying his remarks.


Happy New Year

Gary Sheffer



     There are plenty of other Islamic groups in the United States that do not ascribe to the Wahhabi branch of radical Islam.  GE should be able to find a responsible Islamic group to handle any concerns they have in dealing with Muslim-Americans.    




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