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034/05  November 29, 2005

CAIR:  Defending Islamoterrorism?

     Recently, radio talk show host Dennis Prager posed five questions regarding Islam that Hussam Ayloush (executive director, Southern California office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)) chose to answer.

     The article “Hussam Ayloush- A Muslim responds to ‘five questions’: Assumptions about Muslims are off the mark”  appears in the Charleston Gazette:

     Below, we show Prager’s questions, followed by portions of Ayloush’s response and finishing with Anti-CAIR’s (ACAIR) analysis/opinion.

     For clarity, our analysis/opinion is at the end of each section.
     Question #1 -------------------------------------------------------------

Q: Why are you so quiet (about terrorism carried out in the name of Islam)?

A: …to say Muslims have been quiet about their unequivocal condemnation of terrorism
is a gross misrepresentation of the facts and reeks of Islamophobia.…a coalition of
American Muslim groups that issued what was perhaps the first condemnation
of the 9/11 attacks. Muslims have consistently condemned suicide bombings
 in the Middle East, attacks on the London transportation system,
the bombing of hotels in Jordan, and many similar outrages.

     ACAIR Analysis:

     Not so.

     American/Canadian Muslims in particular have been largely silent to Islamoterrorist crimes.  CAIR presents an interesting reply, but is there anything concrete to what they say?  No.  CAIR has adopted the propaganda techniques of the NAZI party:  tell a lie enough times that it becomes truth.

     Any group that would be part of a coalition with CAIR is immediately suspect as to its motive.  How can any religious group associate with a so-called “Islamic civil-rights group” that has had active Islamic terrorists in leadership positions?
     In addition, Ayloush says that Jordan recently held “huge demonstrations”, but fails to mention the demonstrations were only held because Muslims were the unintended victims.  If those Islamoterror murdered in Jordan had been Jews or Christians, we would have seen dancing in the streets of Palestine, the passing of sweets to the young and calls of “God is great”, as we did following the attacks of 9-11 in many Muslim-majority countries.
     Of course, we can all ask, what would have been CAIR’s response?  “The Muslim terror suicide bombers are only reacting to occupation.”

     CAIR condemning Muslim terrorists would be no different than nazi-skinheads condemning Timothy McVeigh…merely “window dressing” to cover their true, anti-American agenda.
     In carnivals, they have a name for this, they call it “conning the rubes”.

     CAIR is correct that public demonstrations are only one way to condemn Islamoterrorism…but has CAIR ever really condemned Islamoterrorism?

     Question #2 ------------------------------------------------------------

Q:  Why are none of the Palestinian terrorists Christian?

A:  Suicide terrorism is not overwhelmingly a religious phenomenon. 
It is a response to occupation.Inquiring minds might also consider the suicide
bombings carried out by non-Muslim groups such as the Tamil Tigers
in Sri Lanka, the religious orientation of the abortion clinic bomber or the
depredations of Serbian forces during the Bosnian conflict.

     ACAIR Analysis:

     If this argument is true, why did no American revolutionaries carry out terror suicide attacks against the British occupation of the colonies?  Is there a record of the colony churches calling for “martyrs” to terror-bomb the British?  No, Ayloush has to go to Sri Lanka and Serbia to find examples…which are really exceptions that prove Prager’s point.  As to the “depradations” of the Serbians, how convenient that Ayloush completely overlooks the crimes committed by ethnic Muslims.  So much for an “objective answer” from CAIR.

     How many of the “Christian suicide bombers” were chanting “God is great” while detonating their bombs?  How many Christian holy men came out with sermons praising the bombings?  Were any sweets passed to children in celebration?  Did the Vatican support the bomber’s family with cash?  Were the proud parents shown on TV, beaming about their wonderful child and how he/she had “died for Christianity” and was now a “martyr” who could guarantee a place in heaven for the whole family?  Where are the trading cards with pictures of “Christian bombers?  Where are the wall posters of the “Christian bombers”?  Are any schools, streets, or public buildings named after the “Christian bombers”?

     The question remains: “Why are none of the Palestinian terrorists Christian?”
     We look forward to Ayloush’s answer...

     Question #3 ------------------------------------------------------------

Q: Why is only one of the 47 Muslim-majority countries a free country?

A: Muslim majority countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh,
and Turkey among many others having held free elections and being
governed by popularly elected governments will dispute the charge that
they are not “free.”
Opposition to such lack of freedom is generally
Islamically oriented. Lack of freedom in Muslim nations is in spite
of Islam, not because of it.

     ACAIR Analysis:

     Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, and Turkey are “free”…by Muslim standards.  However, it is quite another story if you are a non-Muslim living in any of these countries.  The true mark of a “free” country is whether it has universal suffrage (in fact, not just in law); all laws apply equally to each person, regardless of their religious belief, ethnic background or sexual orientation.  While some of these Muslim countries may claim to univerally respect human rights…the fact is clear that not one of them does. As for the claim that “opposition to such lack of freedom is generally Islamically oriented”, we’d like to see the facts on this.
     Is Ayloush playing fast and loose with the truth?
     CAIR’s spokesman, Ibrahim Hooper is on record as saying he’d like to see the US become Islamic in the future…CAIR’s executive director, Nihad Awad said that “I am in support of the Hamas movement.”  Do these words sounds as if they are embracing freedom?

     We’ve seen with our own eyes what radical Islam has done to Saudi Arabia, Iran, and is trying to so in the Balkans and Iraq.

     Would Ayloush care to comment on any of these “Islamic paradises”?

     Question #4  -------------------------------------------------------------

Q: Why are so many atrocities committed and threatened by Muslims in the name of Islam?

A: All major faiths have people who commit, or have committed atrocities
in the name of their religion. …no faith should be held responsible for the
crimes of a few individuals.…quoting Pape, “The world’s leading
practitioners of suicide terrorism are the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka…”

     ACAIR Analysis:

     Ayloush is attempting to defend Islamic terrorism by pointing to similar behavior by other groups.  In this way, he hopes to deflect attention away from the question in a sneaky, deceptive manner.

     While it may be argued that many religions have had problems with atrocities, the fact remains that of all the major religions in the world today, only Islam has a large sect dedicated to terrorism in the name of God. 
     In point of fact, most people do not blame all Muslims for the atrocities of a few and Ayloush knows it.  When is CAIR going to quit repeating this obvious lie?

     Question #5 -------------------------------------------------------------

Q: Why do countries governed by religious Muslims persecute other religions?

A:  …it is unfair to claim that this phenomenon is a problem unique to Islam.
Blaming persecution of minorities on Islam is akin to blaming slavery and
segregation on Christianity.

Every religious group has a responsibility to challenge hate
by their fringe groups. It is unproductive to single out Muslims
while remaining silent about the extremists of other faiths
who vilify the faith of Islam without similar repudiation
from Prager and others.

Dealing with the impact of war, poverty, racism, and injustice is our
collective duty. To achieve solutions to these real problems we need
voices that accentuate our common humanity, not use opportunistic
smears of an entire faith to further their parochial agenda.

     ACAIR Analysis:

     “While there are areas of the Muslim world in which religious freedom is not granted to all citizens, it is unfair to claim that this phenomenon is a problem unique to Islam.”


     Just how many non-Muslim countries persecute Muslims today as part of government policy?  Can Ayloush name just one?  Another lie that has no basis in fact.

     Ayloush overlooks the fact that Christians were, and are, in the forefront of condemning slavery in the United States (and indeed, worldwide).  All the major slaveholding countries on the Earth today…are Islamic.

     Ayloush says that Prager has not offered similar condemnation of other extremists…but where is his proof?  Has Ayloush some special insight into Prager’s mind?

     To deal with war, poverty, racism, and injustice we need leaders who can inspire and demonstrate by personal example their commitment to the common welfare of all peoples…CAIR is clearly in the radical Islamist camp and has nothing to contribute to the solution of any of humanity’s problems.  Just what is the latest count of CAIR officials who are currently serving sentence in American prisons on Islamic terrorism charges?  Would Ayloush care to comment on this?

     No group, which has had (and may still have) Islamoterrorists on staff can expect to lead anyone in the battle against hate. 

     North Americans have rightfully turned their backs on the NAZI’s, the KKK, nazi-skinheads, and other hate groups…now is the time to turn our backs on the hate-mongering Islamofascists of CAIR who only seek to divide us along religious and ethnic lines with the goal of making our great country into another Saudi Arabia.

     Will we let them?...

Andrew Whitehead

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