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035/06  August 22, 2006

     CAIR:  Grooming Future Supporters of Islamic Terror?

     On August 7, the Chicago office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Chicago) wrote a puff piece about two CAIR “civil rights” interns who visited Enaam Arnaout, past director of Benevolence International Foundation (BIF). 

     Arnaout is currently serving 10 years following his conviction in February, 2006. (read the indictment)

     CAIR “civil rights” interns visit a man in prison who committed crimes against the United States and CAIR not only trumpets the visit, CAIR goes on to use the visit as a means to further attack the government for supposed “civil rights” violations.

     CAIR closes the article with,

“With his strong will and conviction, Mr. Enaam Arnaout is a wonderful example
of availing those rights promised to us in the US Constitution, and truly demanding
the respect that comes along with being a citizen of the United States of America,
regardless of race, ethnicity, or religious belief.”

     “…wonderful example…”  “demanding the respect…”  With these words, one would think that CAIR was describing MLK, not a cheap, guttersnipe, dirt-common Islamist terrorist thug like Arnaout. 

     Just what kind of propaganda is CAIR spoon-feeding its “civil rights” interns and why are CAIR interns so ignorant?  Does CAIR purposely search out the clueless and dimwitted when looking for interns?  Is ignorance really a job requirement?     

     Or is something far more sinister afoot?

     How wonderful! 

     How empowering for the American Muslim community that CAIR, the (self-extolled) sole "legitimate" voice of Islam in America is rushing in with “civil rights” interns and "top-notch" legal representation to defend…Arnaout.

     Arnaout, the man who would deny every non-Muslim American any semblance of civil rights…is now claiming his civil rights have been violated. 

     Pardon us while we break out the crying towels.  What’s next, candlelight vigils?  “Free Arnaout” t-shirts? 

     This is the kind of “civil rights” group that American Muslims want representing their interests? 

     This is the filth that American Muslims, and others, donate their hard-earned money to support?  To send “civil rights” interns to stand up for terrorist Islamist criminals?

     For shame! 

Andrew Whitehead

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