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042/06  October 22, 2006

    CAIR's Bedier:  Doing The “Transparency” Bob And Weave

     Replying to a recent viewer comment in the YouTube comments section of a video post on the Pope from Ahmed Bedier, CAIR's Florida communications director, Mr. Bedier stated that CAIR is  “as transparent as you get, my friend".

     Well, not really. 

     It seems to us that whenever a CAIR officer is confronted with a direct question about CAIR, the officer will go out of his (or her) way to dodge the question, or throw it back on the questioner.

     (This is anything but “transparent”, Mr. Bedier.)

     For example, CAIR sued Anti-CAIR’s director, Andrew Whitehead, for defamation.  But when it came time for CAIR to be "transparent," it cut and ran.  The CAIR vs Anti-CAIR court documents show CAIR was afraid to answer questions regarding:

     - CAIR's financial ties to the terrorist-financing groups Holy Land Foundation, Global Relief Foundation, and Hamas.  (Fearful of admitting in court CAIR's support for these terror groups, they refused to be “transparent” regarding these relationships).

     - CAIR's relationship to the Islamic Association of Palestine [former employers of Awad, Ahmad, and Hooper].  The IAP was found civilly liable for murder.  Also refused were questions of CAIR’s relationship with InfoCom, which was run by convicted CAIR board member Ghassan Elashi.

     - CAIR's connections to individuals associated with Saudi Arabia. [Now what could CAIR possibly have to hide here?  Mr. Bedier, care to answer?]

     - CAIR's connections to terrorist Musa Marzook of Hamas.  [We’d love to hear CAIR’s explanation on this one…but, once again, only silence from the CAIR troika.]

     - CAIR's financial relationship with an identified Saudi prince known for financing Islamic Fundamentalism and supporting terror.

     - CAIR's financial relationship with a known Saudi Islamic fundamentalist group that was formed and operating for the purpose of converting non-believers, by whatever means necessary, and who agreed to underwrite CAIR’s activities in the United States.

     - CAIR's  “key personnel” who were identified by FBI surveillance in a meeting with Hamas leadership right here in the USA. [Now why would CAIR officials want to meet with Hamas?]

     - CAIR's position regarding Israel’s right to exist as a nation.

     - CAIR's position regarding the Hamas Charter, [of which CAIR officers translated into English while working for the Islamic Association for Palestine, a terror front group].

    - CAIR would not even admit that Hamas was responsible for the murder of innocent civilians.

     If CAIR is so transparent, as Mr. Bedier insists, then why all the bobbing and weaving with discovery requests regarding CAIR's history, ideology, and financial ties? 

     It is because CAIR is quite transparent, as Anti-CAIR has always insisted:

"Let there be no doubt that the Council on American-Islamic Relations
is a terrorist supporting front organization that is partially funded
by terrorists, and that CAIR wishes nothing more than the
implementation of Sharia law in America."

     Care to put up, or would you prefer to shut up, Mr. Bedier ...?


From Bedier's YouTube posting:
( Note:  Bedier deleted the exchange below, and several others, on 10/19/06 around 7:30 pm EST - Anti-CAIR wonders why?  Could it be that he realized what a fool he was making of himself and his masters at CAIR? )

bassizzzt42 (1 day ago)

Islam is NOT a religion. It is a political ideology based on lies, intolerance, and hate. Look at how Muslim women are treated - like sub-humans. Islamofascism is alive and well and living in America. Do you know that several CAIR employees have been arrested for terrorism and are doing time in prison? Do not trust Bedier nor CAIR; they are professional liars. CAIR's goal is the eradication of the Constitution of the United States and they wish to establish an Islamic theocracy.


bedier (1 day ago)

Oh yeah, and you want us to trust a screen name bassizzzt42 real reliable source there. We're as transparent as you get my friend, but people like you only hide behind screen names.


Andrew Whitehead

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