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045/06  December 30, 2006

     CAIR:  Prostitutes for Radical Islam

     Once again, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is demanding respect for Islam … radical Islam, that is. 

     Just what caused CAIR to roll out the charges of “Islamophobia” and, as usual, go off acting like a spoilt child?

     Sen. Barbara Boxer, well known Democrat Senator representing California, recently rescinded an honor called a “certificate of accomplishment” awarded to Basim Elkarra, an officer in the local CAIR chapter.  Among Boxer’s concerns?  According to Boxer spokeswoman Natalie Ravitz, Boxer is concerned that CAIR “gives aid to international terrorist groups”. 

     While the accusation that CAIR gives aid to international terrorist groups certainly seems to be a surprise for CAIR’s executive director Nihad (“I am in support of the Hamas movement”) Awad, it isn’t a surprise to anyone with the slightest interest in radical Islam.  Perhaps Awad should climb down off his high horse and examine his own past a bit?

     Awad, true to form and right from the CAIR playbook, immediately goes on the offensive to defend CAIR’s so-called “honor”.  Awad denied the charges that CAIR has any links to terror groups and claims a “deliberate smear campaign” by individuals whom support Israel are behind efforts to smear the Muslim community and silence its voice. 

     So, CAIR is the legitimate voice of Islam in America?  While we agree that CAIR is the voice for radical, terrorist Islam in America, we seriously doubt that CAIR has done anything constructive to polish the image of Islam in America. 

     Consider: (From a July 2003 article by Dr. Daniel Pipes in the New York Post)

     American Muslims: In November 2001, they had positive views from 59 percent of the public.
     That number fell to 54 percent in March 2002 and now stands at 51 percent. 

     Shared values: Asked if "the Muslim religion and your own religion have a lot in common,"
     31 percent answered affirmatively in November 2001, 27 percent in March 2002,
     and just 22 percent this year. [2003]

     While the article is dated, we believe that the "fall in respect" by the average American for Islam as a religion can be directly tied to activities by CAIR to undermine our country, prepare North America for conversion to an Islamic thugocracy, and CAIR’s obvious ties to radical Islam.

    CAIR is an insult to the North American Islamic community and represents a very small number of Muslims who either do not know CAIR very well or refuse to see CAIR for what it is: a malignant cancer on the Muslim community that must be destroyed.

     CAIR’s southern California executive director, Hussam Ayloush, believes Boxer's move is an "attempt to marginalize the largest and most mainstream Muslim organization in the country" and that  “This is absolutely unacceptable”.

     If so, just what is Ayloush going to do about it?  Demand a meeting with Boxer?  Demand the award is re-instated?  Hold his breath until he gets his way?

     Ayloush and the rest of the CAIR gang had better get used to hearing a new word: 


     But what really has CAIR so upset over what is just another award, commonly issued by politicians to groups and organizations recognizing everything from literacy campaigns to get-out-the-voter drives? 


     That’s right. 


     Joe Kaufman, the man behind “Americans Against Hate” is Jewish.  It was through his efforts to put pressure on Boxer that the award was revoked.

     This would explain Awad’s weird statement:

"The entire issue is going back to Israel … if you love Israel, you're OK ...
if you question Israel, you're not … if that is the litmus test,
no American Muslim and no freedom-loving person is
going to pass that test."

     Now we understand. 

     A lone Jew from southern Florida rose up, stuck his finger in CAIR’s eye and the bigots of CAIR are incensed and blame it all on Israel.

     How pathetic.  This is the best CAIR can do? 

     No wonder most North American Muslim’s want nothing to do with CAIR.

     CAIR, North America’s greatest prostitute for radical Islam, has once again been exposed for what they are…and they don’t like it.

     "Tough"   (No one ever said the life of a gutter-common street whore was easy.)

     Word to CAIR:   "Get used to it."

     Anti-CAIR salutes Joe Kaufman for his hard work and welcomes Senator Boxer’s enlightened stand against CAIR.

Andrew Whitehead

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