CAIR-Founder Nihad Awad
"I Am In Support Of The HAMAS Movement"

In Defense of the Constitution
Founded April 2003

Let There Be No Doubt That The Council on American-Islamic Relations Is A Terrorist Supporting Front Organization That Is Partially Funded By Terrorists, Founded By Terrorists, And That CAIR Wishes Nothing More Than The Implementation Of Sharia Law In America.

CAIR Has Been Identified By The Government At Trial As A Participant In An Ongoing And Ultimately Unlawful Conspiracy To Support A Designated Terrorist Organization, A Conspiracy From Which CAIR Never Withdrew.

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April 23, 2017

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“I Swear By Allah That War Is Deception— We Are Fighting Our Enemy With A Kind Heart—  Deceive, Camouflage, Pretend— Deceive Your Enemy”
(FBI Wiretapped Covert Meeting Discussion With CAIR Founder Omar Ahmad)

- CAIR Founded By Terrorists -
"We Know The Founders Of CAIR Are HAMAS Operatives"